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5 Best Barcode Scan Applications on Android Phones


5 Best Barcode Scan Applications on Android HP – Barcode scanning applications are now very widely used in everyday life. Example, we want to eat at a restaurant, to choose a menu, we scan the barcode to see menu that has been provided.


Or you can also scan the barcode to check the authenticity of the product or item purchased, such as cellphones, laptops, computers, electronic goods and so on.


In the past, reading barcodes may only be done by a few people who are proficient in their field.


Because ancient times still use special tools and formulas to read barcodes. However, now with the development of more advanced technology anyone can do this.


To read a barcode scan now only requires an android smartphone and a barcode reader application.


Best Barcode Scan Application


Here are 5 of the best good barcode scanning applications for Android phones that you can download on the Google Play Store.


1. QRbot: QR & Barcode Reader





The first application that you can try to scan barcodes is QRbot: QR & Barcode Reader, this application has a very simple and easy UI (User Interface) display for every user to understand. So it is recommended to be installed on your android smartphone.


This QRbot application can read various kinds of barcodes or QR codes as needed. Such as scanning eFaktur barcodes, bpom, stnk, wifi, and others.


Not only for reading barcode scans, QRbot can also create your own barcode easily and quickly.


2. Barcode Scanner




The second QR code scan application that you can use is the Barcode Scanner. This application has the ability to display detailed product info without leaving the camera screen.


This application also has the advantage of scanning many barcodes or QR codes at once, so it will be easier for users.


Just like the QRbot application, this application can also easily create your own barcode and also you can directly share it on social media platforms.


You can get this application for free by downloading it on the Google Play Store. This application is without ads so that access will be fast and the display is fresher & simpler.


3. Scanlife Barcode & QR Reader





This application developed by Scanbuy Inc. has features that are quite complete, where you can scan QR codes and barcodes into one.

You can use this application to scan item tags using barcodes, so you can find out the price of the product itself.

Not only that, this application can also show information about special offers or discounts from goods and shops you visit.


4. Neo Reader QR




The next barcode scanning application is Neo Reader, this application can scan all types of barcodes, such as UPC, PDF 147, QR Code Data, Code 128, Matrix, EAN and Aztec Code.

This application can read all types of barcodes automatically and also scan QR codes from all directions.


You can use this QR code scan application by using the front or rear camera for scanning.


5. QR Droid Private dan QR Droid




There two barcode scanning applications were developed by DroidLa, each of which has their own differences. But the difference not too much, it’s just that the number of permissions required to access the QR Droid Private application is less than the QR Droid.


Well, those are some references to the 5 best good barcode scanning applications for Android phones from the TechnoWikia. You can get all of the above applications for free on the Playstore, hopefully it will be useful.

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