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5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC


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5 Rekomendasi TV Tuner Terbaik Untuk Monitor LCD LED, Laptop dan PC –A TV tuner is a piece of hardware that functions to turn your laptop, PC, monitor, and also your Android phone into a television. In other words, this tool works as a catcher for domestic and local TV signals.


5 Recommended TV Tuners


With this TV Tuner, it will certainly make it easier for you, because of course we can watch TV shows anywhere, such as in the car or PC. Laptop where you work.


Then what brand of TV Tuner is good and how much does it cost. Here clinicTekno will discuss it for you.



    • Gadmei 5821 New


5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC


Weighing 850 grams, this TV tuner also has another name, namely the 5830 type. The Gadmei 5821 itself has basic features, namely to watch TV and listen to FM radio with the help of an antenna.


Gadmei 5821 is a special TV tuner that can directly connected to a monitor via a VGA cable port without the need to go through a PC.

You can also connect this TV tuner with a satellite dish, projector, cable tv, VCD/DVD and even a play station.


It has built-in internal speakers as well to anticipate if the monitor you are using is not equip with speakers, the built-in speakers can use.


This TV tuner has resolution settings from 800×600 px, 1024×768 px, 1280×1024 px, 1440×900 px, 1680×1050 px, up to 1290×1200 px which already fully supports LCD & tube (CRT).


If you are interested in buying this tv tuner, you only need to spend IDR. 200.000 only.



    • MyGica T230


5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC




MyGica T230 is different from the Gadmei 5821, because you can directly connect this TV Tuner to your laptop and PC. That way you can watch digital TV on your laptop and PC and of course it’s free because it doesn’t use an internet connection.


This TV Tuner also has many features, among others.

Electronic Program Guide

With the Electronic Program Guide you can find your favorite broadcasts that you’ve watched before.



MyGyca T230 also has a feature to record tv shows, so you can watch them again at a later time.


Not just for watching TV broadcasts, it turns out that there are other features, namely, you can use it to burn photos to DVD/VCD which might be used as another alternative.


Meanwhile, in terms of price, you can get this one device at a price of IDR. 400 thousand.



    • M-Tech TV Tuner Combo



5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC


M-TECH provides a 3 month official warranty for this product. This device can convert tube PC monitors, LED / LCD monitors or VGA projectors to receive domestic analog TV broadcasts. Because it is directly connected to the monitor, this type of TV Tuner is use without the need to turn on the PC CPU

In the body box of this TV Tuner, there is an RCA AV in input, a built in speaker, and also uses a remote control.

In the purchase package we also get a Mini Antenna to improve image quality or amplify radio signals.

You can get M-Tech TV Tuner for only IDR 200 thousand.


Feature :


  • Resolution 800 x 600 px, 1024 x 768 px, 1280 x 1024 px, 1440 x 900 px, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1080, 1900 x 1200 px.


  • PC/TV broadband (200 Mhz)


  • internal speakers


  • Has AV input


  • Support DVD/PS2 connection


  • supports SD and HD signal input


  • timer in 24 hours Calendar, games, Calculator .



Technical specifications :


  • DC power input 5V-1A


  • video inputs: 1 VP-P (PAL/NTSC)


  • frequency: H frequency: 37 KHz – 75 KHz



    • Advance ATV-798FM


5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC


As the name suggests, Advance ATV -798FM not only allows you to watch TV broadcasts but can also used as an FM radio to listen to your favorite radio broadcasts.


In the purchase package you will get a user manual, remote plus with battery, adapter, audio cable and also clamps or supports for the TV tuner.


Advance ATV-798FM is capable of displaying images in resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and widescreen screen mode on LCD monitors, LED and 1080p HDTV screens.


This device has Multi-display PC / TV switch FM Radio so you can do tasks while listening or watching TV.


For the price itself in the market this device is sold at a price of Rp. 270 thousand.



    • Unique TV Tuner USB Ultimate

5 Recommendations Best TV Tuner for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PC


This TV Tuner has a small size like a USB flash drive. You can use it by plugging it into a USB port on a Laptop or PC. At the other end there is a port to connect to the antenna that is already available in the purchase package.

Previously you could install the CD driver from Unique TV Tuner USB Ultimate to be able to use it. Inside this TV Tuner there is a fash and wide search. Feature that quickly captures the signal of existing TV stations.

Although the shape is simple. This device is capable of automatically recording TV shows. So you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite news or program.

Unique TV Tuner USB Stick Ultimate is currently priced at Rp. 200 thousand only.


How are you interested in the 5 Best TV Tuner Recommendations for LED LCD Monitors, Laptops and PCs from TechnoWikia. Hopefully this information is useful for you all.


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