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Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TV!

4K Android Smart TV


The 5 Best Cheapest 4K Android Smart TV Recommendations – Friends of the clinic, it feels like there is no end to talking about technology. Likewise with television (TV) which appears with high resolution. Unfortunately these developments must also be followed by a high price. However, don’t worry because we will share the recommendations for the cheapest 4k TV in 2021 for you.

Since last year, the technology industry (red: TV) has been shaken again because one of the manufacturers released a high-resolution TV or 4K TV or Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV after the Android TV Box technology. The resolution reaches 3840 x 2160 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1.

TVs with this quality are included in the 4k category which has more than 8 million pixels according to the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA). With the development of this resolution, users will be very comfortable while watching and TV can also be used to “surf” on the internet.

5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!

Are you looking for the best Android Smart TV 4K but afraid of the high price? Eits, don’t worry because we will share 5 recommendations for the cheapest 4k TVs for you!


1. COOCAA 4K Android 9.0 Smart TV 50S6G

Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!


Our first recommendation for the best 4K Smart TV is the Coocaa Premium LED 4K UHD smart TV with the 50s6G type. This TV can present high-resolution images, namely UHD, so that the images are sharp, clear and colorful.


Coocaa TV 4K 50S6G specifications


    • Clear and Bright 50 inch LED screen with UHD (3840*2160)


    • Panel Frameless design


    • Certified Android 9.0 with google assistant


    • Certified Netflix


    • Certified Youtube


    • Ultra HD Screen (Infinity View – 97% Screen Ratio)


    • Dolby with DTS TruSurround


    • 3 Years Panel Warranty + 1 Year Sparepart


    • HDMI 1.4*1 & 2.0*2 USB 2.0*1& 3.0*1


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The design used is a thin bezel so that Coocaa looks very sexy, elegant and looks modern. So, for those of you who adopt a minimalist home, this TV is perfect for completing this concept.

Are you curious about the price? The price for the best 4K Android Smart TV with high resolution is very affordable, around IDR 4.9 million. Cheap isn’t it?


2. Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU8000


Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!


Our second recommendation for a cheap 4K Smart TV is the SAMSUNG Crystal TU8000. Of course, you already know from the name that this TV is produced by Samsung, a company from South Korea.

Samsung is not a new company in this field. There have been lots of electronic equipment issued and proven to have the best quality.

In terms of the cheapest 4k TV this time, Samsung carries the Crystal Display theme which provides services with a very bright screen quality compared to conventional TVs. With this technology, users will get a sensation as if watching a movie in a cinema.

Not only that, in this newest product, Samsung has also added Tizen, which is an operating system to enhance the function of the TV itself. So that the TV is not only for watching, but for playing games, searching the internet, etc.

For those of you who use Apple devices, these devices can also be connected to a TV using Apple AirPlay2. What this means is that you can stream or share content directly from your Apple device to your TV. Isn’t that great?

Specifications for Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU8000:


    • Series : 8


    • Screen size : 43 inch


    • Resolution : 4K UHD (3.840 x 2.160)


    • Motion Rate : 120+ hz


    • PQI (Picture Quality Index) : 2100


    • HDR 10+ : Yes


    • Bluetooth Low Energy : Yes


    • Power Consumption (Max) : 135W


    • HDMI : 3, USB : 2


    • Wireless: Yes (WiFi5)


    • Bixby


    • Dolby Digital Plus


    • Sistem operasi : TIZEN OS


    • Aplikasi yang tersedia : YouTube, Netflix, Film +, Browser Web, App store


The Samsung Smart TV 4K TU8000 is also very suitable for all gaming consoles, be it PC, Xbox, PS4 or PS5. By using the Samsung Smart TV 4K TU8000, playing games will become more real.

From the advantages above, it seems that the price of the best 4K smart TV is very expensive. In fact, it’s wrong you know!

The price for the best 4K Smart TV is around IDR 5.3 million for a 43-inch size and prices will increase according to size. There are three sizes, namely 43, 50 and 55 inches.

3. TCL 43A8 Ultra HD Android 9.0 Smart TV 4K


Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!


Still at the same price, this time our recommendation for a good 4K UHD Smart TV goes to the TCL 43A8. This TV is not only cheap, but also has promising specifications.

The main specifications are of course the screen which is very clean, clear and also bright. In addition, this TCL series also has micro-dimming capabilities, so it can analyze content and adjust light levels accordingly.

Eits, still not finished. The TCL 43A8 also offers sport modes. From this mode, users can experience very good pictures and sound that will create a feeling as if they are watching live sports broadcasts.


TCL 43AD 4K TV specifications


    • TV LED UHD Google Android Screen 43 inch


    • 4K Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixel


    • Quad Core A55 64bit with OS Android 9


    • Memory RAM 2 GB & ROM 16 GB


    • Wifi 2.4G, Bluetooth, Ethernet.


    • Dolby Audio


    • 85 watt on operate, 0.5W on Standby


    • Voltage AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz


    • 3x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0 (with Support File JPG, MP3, AAC, Movie file up to 4K), LAN, Antenna/cable in, Headphone, SPDIF, AV in


    • System update, T-Link, Instant power on, Subtitle, Parental Control

The price offered by TCL’s best 4K Android smart TV is IDR 4.3 million for a 43-inch screen size. Relatively affordable price for Android TV with UHD 4K resolution.

4. Changhong 4K UHD Android 9.0 Smart TV U50K2


Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!


The best type of Android smart TV, the latest low price, is also pocket-friendly and of the best quality. This type is the Changhong U50K2 and is included in the cheapest 4K Android Smart TV.

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One of the advantages that I really like about this type is the HDR10 + feature which can help enhance the color of a content. That is, the image on the TV screen that is displayed will be more realistic and sharper.

Great isn’t it? Another advantage is that this type is able to provide very smooth and natural movements, so users will not be disturbed while watching.

Changhong U50K2 4K TV specifications


    • Certified Android 9.0(Pie) OS


    • Resolution 4K 3840*2160


    • Netflix, Google assistant, Google play, Youtube ready


    • Bluetooth voice remote ready


    • Bluetooth 5.0


    • Built in Wifi dan Lan


    • Dolby+++ sound ready


    • HDR10 DOLBY VISION ready


    • Chromcast bulit in


    • Port detail: HDMI*3,USB2.0*2, AV*1, Earphone*1,LAN*1, Digital audio out*1 ,RF *1


    • Smart&Digital&Analog semua bisa


Hmm, how much does it cost? It’s not too far from the other best 4k TV types. You only need to add around IDR 400,000 which means the original price was IDR 4.7 million and this TV will already be available in your home.


5. LG 43UN7300 4K Smart UHD AI ThinQ TV


Great! 5 recommendations for affordable and high-quality 4K Android Smart TVs!


Last but not least, we also recommend using the LG AI ThinQ 43UN7300. Just by adding a little money, you will have a TV with AI technology. This technology will really help you on a daily basis, such as the Google Assistant feature, Amazon Alexa and also Apple AirPlay 2.

The display in each application is still 4K UHD, so if you want to change to any channel, the appearance will be very sharp and clear too. Above we stated the price isn’t that far off, and it is.

Because the price of the latest best 4K smart TV starts from IDR 4,699,000 only. Not too far from before?

Spesifikasi TV 4K LG 43UN7300


    • Size : 43 Inch


    • Resolution : 3840 x 2160


    • Quad Core Processor 4K


    • Ultra Surround


    • IPS Panel : Yes


    • TruMotion / Refresh Rate : TM100 (Refresh Rate 50Hz)


    • HDR 10 Pro & HLG Pro


    • Operating System (OS) : webOS Smart TV


    • USB : 2


    • HDMI : 3


    • LAN : Yes


So, that’s our recommendation for the cheapest, best 4k Android Smart TV. Can’t you see that technological developments also have a low budget but high quality version? Which TV will you choose? Happy shopping!


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