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5 Smartband recommendations with the best features


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5 Smartband recommendations with the best features 2022 – In addition to smartwatches, there is one more gear that is also often used for daily activities which has almost the same function as smartwatches. This time we will discuss about smartband or our language smart bracelet. The smart thing about this smartband is that it has features such as a smartwach but has a more optimal design so it is very suitable for those who are actively moving such as instructors, sportsmen or those who do outdoor activities.


5 Cheap Smartbands With the Best Features


If we see, smartband High end on the market is priced quite expensive around 2 million, at least for me. But after I tried uling from several sources and online subscription stores, it turns out that there are also smartbands at affordable prices and have features that are quite interesting to discuss.


1. Amazfit Cor 2


5 Smartband recommendations with the best features


The Amazfit Cor 2 smartband is a product from Huami which has a 1.23-inch square long color screen design with an IPS LCD touchscreen type plus a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass so it is comfortable to look at and very safe against scratches.


So if you think this is not enough, Amazfit Cor wraps its body with stainless steel material which certainly adds to the durability of this gear. The strap is made of soft rubber that you can take off and replace it with your favorite motif, which is usually found in many online stores.


Then in terms of features, there are alarms, find phones for those of you who like to put their cellphones, timers, phone notifications, wa messages, etc., and of course the pedometer measures steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned. With 5ATM specifications, this smart band is safe to use up to a depth of 50 meters.


And you don’t have to be afraid of running out of battery when you use it all day, because this smartband can last about 12 days on a single charge. For the price itself, you can get it for only 350 thousand. Cheap right?


2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

5 Smartband recommendations with the best features



One of the producers from China is indeed increasingly known for its products that are cheap. But with specs that are not inferior to other brands whose prices are often much higher. Yes, one of their products is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, after previously releasing the Mi Band 3.


Starting from the screen alone, this smartband already uses an AMOLED color screen type with a size of 21.6×10.8mm, much larger than the Mi Band 3 screen. The features of this smartband are also many ranging from fitness tracking, running, cycling, swimming, 24-hour heart rate sensor. sleep patterns other than that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a 5 ATM certification so it can dive to a depth of 50 meters, cool right. For this one gear, you can get it for only 400 thousand.


3. iWown i6 HR

5 Smartband recommendations with the best features



This one brand may still a bit foreign to you, but that doesn’t mean the product can underestimated. Because if we first saw the iwown i6 HR, the design looks quite luxurious, even for the screen itself, you could say it’s large with a size of 0.73 inches.


Features available include alarms, sleep patterns, counting steps, heart rate, calories, IP67 certification for swimming. The battery itself can last up to 7 days. IWOWN I6 is released for only 400 thousand

4. DT No. 1 F4


5 Smartband recommendations with the best features


Even though it’s in the low-end class, I would say this smartband is quite recommendable. In terms of design, it is quite simple and sporty, with a fairly large 0.96-inch OLED screen. just go straight to the features, so in addition to standard features such as sleep monitors, heart rate, steps, notifications for all applications on smartphones and others, we can also measure blood pressure and oxygen levels in our bodies.


For those of you who like hiking DT No. 1 F4 can also calculate altitude, humidity, UV rays. So for you hiking beginners, here there is a training mode for hiking and other sports such as running, cycling, basketball, badminton, football, and even swimming because it has IP68 certification. You can get this smartband for only 300 thousand, okay?

5. Lenovo G03


5 Smartband recommendations with the best features


If we hear that this brand may see their products more often in the form of laptops or smartphones. It turns out that Lenovo is also itching to make smartbands as a complement to their products. Lenovo G03 has an elegant design with a solid black color with a shiny black body. The OLED screen is still monochrome but still clear to display information and menus in it.


Standard pedometer features to calculate heart rate, steps and sleep patterns. Notifications, look for your smartphone that slips and the good thing is that. There is a 5 ATM certification which is definitely waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.


The battery can last up to 12 days. Maybe you think this smartband is normal, if you know that you can get this Lenovo G03 for only 200 thousand. This smartband can forgiven.


Those were the 5 best cheap smartbands at a price below 500 thousand. However, prices can change at any time but usually tend to fall. You can check your subscribed online store for the latest price updates. Please stop by for other interesting articles from KlinikTekno. Thank you and good bye.

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