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6 Easy Tips to Optimize WordPress Performance


Now, technology has become more advanced and sophisticated. Almost everyone has now been able to access the internet with Now, technology has become more advanced and sophisticated. Almost everyone has now been able to access the internet very easily.

6 Easy Tips to Optimize WordPress Performance

This makes the use of websites and wordpress increasingly growing, one of which is to develop a business. You certainly want your wordpress to be visited by many visitors.


Tips for Optimizing WordPress Performance


Here are Easy Tips to Optimize WordPress Performance so that your wordpress visitors will increase.


1. Reliable hosting


The use of reliable hosting is one of the important factors to run your wordpress-based website to its full potential.


There are three types of hosting for wordpress hosted users, namely: with VPS and dedicated server hosting, it is certain that you will be able to get good and maximum results from wordpress performance if you host your wordpress with a VPS hosting solution.


Do not expect optimal WordPress performance if you are still using free hosting because free hosting has many drawbacks. Examples of the disadvantages of free hosting are less disk space, easy server downs, and so on.


2. Install the WordPress Caching Plugin


Caching is also an important factor that you cannot forget if you want your WordPress to work optimally. You will find many plugins on the internet.


Choose the most popular plugins, such as W3 Total cache, and WP super cache. Both of these plugins will generate a static html site every time you do a post and page. Not only that, they also serve the html file instead of making database queries every time.


3. Reduce load time with image optimization


The problem that visitors hate when visiting your wordpress website is a very long loading problem. If that’s true then it’s natural that your wordpress visitors will be quiet.

How to handle it? If you need to post large images on wordpress, try to use image editing software or compressors.

You can get these tools for free online. Or you can also do another way by installing the WP Smush plugin.

Pulgin can function optimally to compress the image size on your wordpress but you don’t have to worry about the image quality, because the images you get will be of good quality.


4. Compress Javascript and CSS files


In addition to tweaking, you can also compress Javascript and CSS files to increase the speed of page load times.

You can do this by using a WP Minify plugin which can create minified and compressed versions of the Javascript or CSS files you use for your WordPress.


5. Optimize WordPress Database


By optimizing your WordPress database, it will affect the overall performance of your WordPress site.

This is because WordPress is a dynamic content management system. In addition, a large part of your WordPress performance is related to storing, retrieving, deleting, or updating the information in the database.

One of them is a MySQL database that you can optimize from the command line via PhpMyAdmin or you can also use the WP Optimize plugin.

You can also use Wp Optimize to delete post revisions that are not important and you don’t need. Remove comment spam and optimize MySQL tables. You also need to always update all wordpress plugins if there is a new version.


6. Update to the latest WordPress Version


The last and very important thing that you should not ignore is to always update your wordpress to the latest version.

In addition, you also have to do regularly upgrading all plugins and removing plugins that are no longer needed.

Because this can improve performance, not slow down and maintain the security of your wordpress.

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