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6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!


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6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier! – In addition to providing sufficient lighting, in fact a minimalist chandelier arranged in such a way can increase the aesthetic value of the room like a cafe. Not to mention if the shape of the minimalist chandelier is unique and out of the box.

If you are interested in trying it, here are 12 inspirational minimalist chandeliers in the style of famous cafes. You can copy some of them at a low cost, but they are guaranteed to be classy!

1. Buba Cafe’s Minimalist Chandelier

Located in West Perth, Gordon Street Garage has a minimalist chandelier design that is no less interesting. Especially the lights that specifically highlight the guest table. The light looks warm and provides a beautiful focal point. This is because its position is not too high or low. So that the light is not too bright and does not become dim.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

Foolscap Studio, as the organizer of Gordon Street Garage, also added simple pictures to the walls. Uniquely, the pictures are also right under the spotlight of a minimalist chandelier. The cafe has also become more friendly and cozy.

2. Minimalist Chandelier in the style of Cafe De E Billing

This minimalist chandelier in this cafe located in Amsterdam is so simple, but able to create an attractive modern industrial feel. Each minimalist chandelier is connected to a cable in the pipe. While the pipes are deliberately exhibited on the ceiling.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

3. Chinese Triad Minimalist Chandelier

In 2016, a new cafe in Shanghai came up with the concept of healthy food. The interior design is filled with wood and white walls as the background color. Meanwhile, brightly colored furniture is used to provide interesting accents.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

But the most attention-grabbing is the use of minimalist chandeliers in this cafe. Several wooden slats were given a different color, then used to cover the chandelier. The colors that glow from the lights are able to liven up the cafe room. Not only that, the wooden crates that can used to transport fresh fruit and seem to help reinforce the cafe’s brand.

4. Minimalist Chandelier in the style of Covent Garden Grind

Another minimalist chandelier inspiration came from a Grind in London. Here, large light bulbs are hung in a row like a pendant. Not only lighting up the room, this minimalist chandelier also functions as sweetener furniture during the day. The owner of the cafe even added soft green and pink neon lights in some places.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

This type of minimalist chandelier resembles a pendant, you can also install it in the outdoor section, you know. For example, using solar-powered lamps so you can save energy because the lamp’s power source is obtained from solar power.

5. Minimalist Chandelier in the style of Sebastian Cafe

Want a classic minimalist chandelier? Maybe this minimalist Sebastian-style chandelier is right for you. This cafe in the Netherlands presents a classic Scandinavian concept with a touch of wooden tables and soft decorative pillows for visitors to relax. The most important thing is the presence of a minimalist chandelier right above the table.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

The chandelier placed in an iron cage hung almost near the dining table. The light is made not too bright with a warm yellow color. That way, a friendly and relaxed impression will be present in front of the visitors. An interesting combination between a minimalist chandelier with a cafe concept in general.

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6. Minimalist Chandelier in the style of Aria Ristorante

There is something interesting about the arrangement of the chandeliers in this Italian-style restaurant.

6 Inspirations for a Classy Cafe-style Minimalist Chandelier!

The minimalist chandelier is round in shape similar to fireworks exploding in the air. Moreover, the sizes vary, some are small and some are large. It’s perfect if you want to present a special dinner feel.

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