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7 Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory Recommendations 2022


7 Best and Fastest MicroSD Recommendations 2022 – Micro SD is hardware that is use when someone wants additional storage space on their cellphone or other device. Currently, there are many MicroSDs on the market with various different brands. So the question is what is the best MicroSD to use today?

So, if you intend to buy a MicroSD and are looking for the best option, we have summarized the 7 best MicroSD cards for you to choose from. Each microSD on this list has its own advantages, all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

Back again, like what we said in the intro earlier, we have summarized the 7 best and fastest microSD cards that can be your choice right now. Each microSD on this list has advantages and disadvantages that you can adjust to your needs.

But one thing that all the memory cards here have in common is their above-average speed. Immediately, please, here’s a list of the 7 best and fastest microSD memory currently:

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1. Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD Memory Card

The Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD Memory Card is a suitable recommendation if you are looking for a microSD that has been tested in terms of durability. This memory card from the best brand, Samsung is ready to be used for 72 hours of water activities, used in extreme temperatures, X-rays to magnetic areas.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

In terms of transfer performance, it is also extraordinary, you can transfer 3 GB files in just 38 seconds. As if very confident in their products, Samsung provides a guarantee of up to 10 years. With all its advantages, it is reasonable that this product is priced quite expensive.

2. Lexar MicroSD High Performance 633x Up to 100Mb/s

Targeted at professionals, Lexar MicroSD 128GB High Performance 633x Up to 100Mb/s is ready to provide durability and performance to its users. As the name implies, this MicroSD has a read transfer speed of up to 100Mb per second. Result, you can transfer 1 gb files in just 10 seconds. As for the writing speed, the best microSD for Android and iPhone has a speed of 45Mb per second.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

This MicroSD which is included in the class 10 speed class supports high-resolution photo and video storage, from FullHD, 1080, to 4k. The resilience of this one microSD is not in doubt. As for the capacity, this storage device provides many variants, ranging from capacities of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB to 512 GB versions.

3. SanDisk Ultra microSD Card

SanDisk is one of the best MicroSD brands that is quite popular in Indonesia. One of the best types from this brand is the SanDisk Ultra microSD Card. This type offers read speed performance of 120Mb/s, so you can move 1000 photos in just 1 minute. Capacity variants are provided from 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB to 1 TB.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

This A1 rating memory card is optimize for applications and can improve the performance of your smartphone. SanDisk also provides this memory with a memory zone application that allows copies of data to be stored in the cloud. So, your data becomes more secure because your data will still in the cloud even if the physical MicroSD is damaged. In addition, data transfer becomes more practical.

4. Kingston Canvas React Plus

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

One of the best MicroSD products from Kingston is Kingston Canvas React Plus which is ready to provide high performance. This MicroSD supports high-resolution video, up to 4k and even 8K. Kingston canvas react plus is often chosen for use on high-end devices, such as DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and also flagship smartphones.

The read speed provided by this MicroSD is 285 Mb per second, while the write speed is 165 Mb / s. The speed rating is in the Class 10 category with UHS-II U3 ​​Video Speed ​​Class (V30) certification. For the choice of capacity variants, starting from 64GB, 128GB to 256GB. You will also given an additional adapter to transfer data to other devices when buying this MIcroSD.

5. Toshiba MicroSDHC UHS-II Exceria Pro

A well-known electronic device manufacturer, Toshiba also has a superior microSD product, namely the Toshiba MicroSDHC UHS-II Exceria Pro. The storage capacity and performance of this microSD is included in UHS class 2.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

The value of the read speed reaches 270 Mb / s and the write speed is 150 Mb / s for a capacity of 32GB. As for the capacity of 16 GB, the speed reaches 260MB/s. This MicroSD is guaranteed in terms of durability because it includes non-volatile memory that has no easily damaged parts.

6. Sony MicroSD UZ (Extreme Pro)

The next best microSD brand is Sony MicroSD UZ (Extreme Pro). MicroSD which is classified as UHS Speed ​​Class 3 offers read speeds of up to 95Mb/s and write speeds of 90Mb/s. This one product can also be used for the purposes of making 4k videos and other bust shooting.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

The purchase of this product also includes an additional adapter that provides convenience in transferring data to various devices. Not only that, this additional storage hardware is equipped with a file rescue feature that can recover deleted files. The capacity options provided are 32 Gb to 64 Gb.

7. Transcend High Endurance

Lastly is Transcend High Endurance which is the best MicroSD suitable for security devices, such as security cameras, car cameras or surveillance systems. This MicroSD is equip with a quality MLC NAND flash chip where this chip allows this device to last up to 12,000 hours non-stop to record full HD video.

Best and Fastest MicroSD Memory 2022

Then for the capacity variants offered, starting from 16 GB, 32 GB to 64 GB. For read speeds, this MicroSD offers speeds of up to 95 MB and 45 MB for write speeds. In terms of durability, this product can used for activities in water, resistant to high temperatures, X-rays and also to shocks.

So that’s the seven best and fastest MicroSD that can be your choice right now. Please choose one of our seven recommendations that are considered suitable for your needs and budget.

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