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Boost Performance of All Xiaomi Mobiles

Boost Performance of All Xiaomi Mobiles – Your xiaomi phone is starting to slow? Surely if the cellphone is slow or slow, it will make us irritated, right?. Slow down our activities in playing cellphones. But don’t worry, there is a way to speed up your xiaomi’s performance.

How to Accelerate the Performance of All Xiaomi Mobiles

In the way that I will share, surely your xiaomi will feel like a new cellphone again. Curious right?. Right away..

How to Speed ​​Up Xiaomi Performance


  1. First go to the developer menu. If you can’t, how to enter the developer menu, like this picture

  2. Scroll down and on Memory Optimization change it to High. By changing High, the process of reading memory will be faster because the processor allocates more speed.
  3. Change the Window Animation Scale menu, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration scale to 0.5x. By changing it to 0.5x, switching or opening applications is faster. If you want even faster choose the 0x. But I don’t recommend going to 0x because there is no transition effect, so it’s not comfortable to use your Xiaomi.

That’s how to speed up xiaomi. Please try 🙂

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