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Create iCloud Account and Link It to iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook

How to Create iCloud Account and Link It to iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook


How to Create an iCloud Account


Create iCloud Account and Link It to iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook – Like Android, users of Apple-made devices also need a special account named Apple ID or also called an iCloud account by some people.


Without using this account, Apple-made devices will lose many functions, one of which includes not being able to download applications and games through the Apple App Store service.


Fortunately, creating an Apple ID can be done quite easily by users. You can even use devices other than Apple’s to do this if you don’t have one.


Because in this case, the technology company with the apple logo provides a method for creating an Apple ID via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacOS computers, Windows computers, and the Web.


That way, even those of you who don’t use Apple-made devices can enjoy the various services it offers on devices with other operating systems, although sometimes with slightly limited or different features.


So here are a few things you need to know about Apple ID and what you can do with it:



    • What is Apple ID?


    • Create an Apple ID Or iCloud Account ?


    • How to Link an Apple ID Or iCloud Account to an Apple Device ?


    • To Link Apple ID Or iCloud Account to Other Devices ?


    • How to Sign Out of iCloud ?



If you’re still confused and don’t know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss the various methods in this article by reviewing what Apple ID is first for starters.


What is Apple ID?


In using their devices, Android mobile users will definitely be familiar with the term Google account because almost everything in the ecosystem such as downloading applications, backing up data, to just enjoying entertainment requires it.


In simple terms, an Apple ID is quite similar to that account. It’s just that as a differentiator, this applies to various kinds of Apple devices instead of Android such as Google accounts.


Only by using an Apple ID, you can only access all of Apple’s services such as iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple Books, Apple News, Find My, to FaceTime and iMessage.


Apple ID itself consists of an email address and password that can be used to log into the service, all contact data, payment information, to the security details used.


You only need to create an Apple ID once and then remember your password and account in order to log into your device or various Apple services to manage everything.


How to Create an Apple ID Or iCloud Account


Using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



    • Sign out of iCloud using the methods we describe below if needed


    • Open Settings then tap the button Sign in to your [Device]


    • Next select the option Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?


    • Click Create Apple ID


    • Fill in the First Name and Last Name fields with your name then enter your date of birth then pressNext


    • choose Do not have an email address? then Get a new iCloud email address


    • Specify the email address to use and tap the button Next


    • Then confirm withCreate Email Address


    • Create a password and verify it in the column provided then select Next


    • Type in your phone number and click Next


    • Agree to the terms of service by tapping the Agree button


    • Tap the Merge button to sync iCloud data (such as contacts, calendars, and reminders) or Don’t Merge if you don’t want to.



Following the steps above is not the only way to create an Apple ID via iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Because apart from that, you can also do it through the Apple Apps Store in almost the same way.


It’s just that for this method, users need to set up an active email account. You can use a GMail account in this case or create one first if you don’t have one.


Only after that, you can continue the account creation process through the App Store by following these steps.


Via the Apple Apps Store on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



    • As with the previous method, sign out of iCloud first if needed


    • Next open the App Store


    • Search for free apps then press GET button


    • Select Create New Apple ID


    • Enter the appropriate email, password and regional address to activate the payment option


    • Tap the Agree to Terms and Conditions button to agree to the service policy then click Next


    • Enter name and date of birth


    • Set a security question via the form provided


    • Click Next


    • Set the payment method you want to use in the service (You can choose None if you don’t want to set it yet)


    • Fill in the Billing Address section with the complete address


    • Enter an active phone number and click Next


    • Go to the email account used to sign up and look for an email from Apple


    • Write down the verification code in it


    • Return to the App Store to continue creating the account and enter the code into the Email Verification section


    • Finish with the Verify option and click Continue if needed



This method is very suitable for those of you who want to immediately use the App Store to download applications. But unfortunately, Apple ID won’t immediately get an email address with behind it.


This means that you still need to set up the account via Settings > [username] > iCloud then turn on the Mail option and follow the instructions that appear if you want to use Apple’s Mail service.


The Apple ID creation process itself will actually be offered when the user first activates the device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


When Activating New iPhone, iPad, iPod



    • Turn on the device and follow the instructions shown


    • While on the sign in to Apple ID page, select Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID


    • Then tap on options Create a Free Apple ID


    • Set date of birth and name


    • Click Next


    • choose Get a free iCloud email address and follow the steps on the screen



That way your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will have an Apple ID from the start so you can download the apps and games you want directly through the App Store.


Apart from using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, making Apple ID attractive can also be done using a computer device running MacOS or the Windows operating system.


Using a MacOS Computer



    • Click the Apple icon in the top left corner


    • Select System Preferences


    • Click Sign In


    • Tap Create Apple ID on the pop-up that appears


    • Set date of birth if needed


    • Enter the name in the column provided


    • Click Get a free iCloud email address


    • Specify the email address to use by following the prompts


    • After returning to the registration page, proceed with creating a password and verifying it


    • Click the Next button to continue making


    • Type in your phone number


    • Select the verification method using messages and press Next


    • Enter the code received by message into the field provided


    • Check the Terms and conditions section then tap Agree



Please note, each version of MacOS has a different naming and layout of settings so you also need to adjust it a little if needed when creating an Apple ID.


As on mobile devices, users can not only create an Apple account through settings. You can also do it very easily using the App Store service.


Using the App Store on a MacOS Computer



    • Sign out of your Apple ID first using the method below if you already have one


    • Open the App Store then click Sign In


    • Click Create Apple ID


    • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions (service policy)


    • Fill in the form provided with data such as email address, password you want to use, name, and date of birth


    • Click Continue every time you finish filling out the form


    • Select the payment option to be embedded in the service with None if you don’t want to associate it yet


    • Fill in the Billing Address section with the full address and click Continue


    • End by pressing OK


    • Then open the associated email account, look for the latest messages from Apple


    • Then verify Apple ID by following the instructions in the email


With relatively the same steps, you can also create an Apple ID easily through the iTunes application which has now been transformed into Apple Music after the MacOS Catalina update.


Using Music on a MacOS Computer



    • Run the Music app via the Dock or Finder


    • Click Account on the toolbar located at the top


    • Select the Sign In menu and click Create New Apple ID


    • Enter the email address then create a password and don’t forget to verify it


    • Check the Terms and Conditions option


    • Press Continue then continue by entering data such as name and date of birth


    • Click Continue again then set the payment method to None if you don’t want to set it yet


    • Fill in the Billing Address field with the address and tap the Continue button


    • Select the identity verification option using Text Messages


    • Type in an active phone number for verification


    • Press Continue


    • Open the message from Apple and then type the code in it in the verification field


    • Click Verify


    • After that, open the related email and continue verification with the code in it


Although slightly different, creating an iCloud account through Music is actually the same as iTunes. Which in this case includes the application version of his Windows-based computer.


For those of you who don’t know, iTunes also has an application based on Windows computers. You can also use it to access some Apple services including creating an Apple ID.


Using a Windows Computer


    • Install the latest iTunes app from Microsoft Store


    • Run the app if it’s already installed


    • Don’t forget to tap the Agree button to agree to the license policy the first time you run it


    • On the main page, click the Account button and select the Sign In menu


    • Tap the Create New Apple ID option


    • Press the Continue button on the page that appears


    • Enter the email address to use


    • Create a password and write it down again to confirm it


    • Change the region as needed


    • Check the Terms and Conditions section


    • Press Continue


    • Write your name in the First Name and Surname fields


    • Change the date of birth according to yours


    • Set a security question as an account recovery option when things go wrong


    • Press Continue


    • Select the None option in the payment section


    • Complete the Billing Address section with full address and telephone number


    • Click Continue


    • Go to the associated email account and search for Apple’s recent messages


    • Type the code in it into the Code field in the iTunes application then click Verify


    • Click Continue to end it



The iTunes application is indeed quite compact because it only has a size of 200 MB. But if you only want to use it to create an Apple ID, it will be quite a waste for some people.


Apple fortunately provides an alternative to creating an Apple ID account via a dedicated subdomain on its site. You can even use this if you’re using a device other than Apple or Windows.


Via Browser



    • Visit page using browser


    • Fill in the form with the appropriate data such as name, region, date of birth, email address to be used, password, and mobile number for verification


    • Select Text Message in the Verify with a section


    • Leave all notification subscription options checked if you want to get the latest information from Apple


    • Rewrite the Captcha code in the image into the column below


    • Click Continue


    • Verify using a code sent by Apple via email and text message



You can generally use this method of creating an Apple ID for all types of devices that support a browser in it, including mobile phones based on the Android operating system.


However, that doesn’t mean that Android phones only support creating an Apple ID through this method, because Apple Music is also available so you can do it through this service too.


Use Apple Music on Android



    • Download the Apple Music app from Google Play Store


    • Open the app and tap the Agree button to agree to Apple’s software license policy the first time you access it


    • Click Continue


    • Select the Send to Apple option to allow the application to send diagnostic data or Don’t Send if you don’t want it


    • Click the cross button if offered a free trial for three months (you can also tap Try It Free if you want but the steps will be different later)


    • Click More Menu (three dots icon) in the top right corner


    • Select Settings


    • Then tap the Sign In option


    • Click the Create an Apple ID menu


    • Enter email address


    • Create and then confirm the password in the column provided


    • Change the region to the desired country


    • Click the check on the Terms and Conditions option then Next


    • Fill in data such as name and date of birth


    • Create security questions and answers


    • Click Next when finished


    • Change the payment option to None or the method to use


    • Fill in the Billing Address form with complete address


    • Also add a phone number then press the Next button


    • Sign in to the email account used to sign up and then open the most recent message from Apple and write down the code in it


    • Return to the Music app and continue creating the Apple ID by verifying it using the code received



After successfully verifying it, your Apple ID is ready to use as long as you remember the email address and password you created. You can use it to sign in to a wide variety of Apple services from any device that supports it.


In this case, you just need to link your Apple ID email address and password to the related device or directly to certain services through the applications.


How to Link an Apple ID Or iCloud Account to an Apple Device To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



    • Go to Settings


    • Click the Sign in to your [device] button


    • Enter email address and password


    • If prompted to enter the iPhone passcode, enter the appropriate PIN



In addition to the passcode, users using 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) or dual security systems also need to enter an OTP code. You can get it by message at the relevant phone number or trusted device.


Next, you will also need to choose between Merge to allow merging old data with the new Apple ID account or Don’t Merge if you want the opposite.


You will then need to re-link your Apple ID to the App Store directly through the available apps. In the process, you sometimes still need to fill in the method, address, and phone number for payment if you haven’t set this up before.


With the method above, users don’t have to bother to link Apple ID to Apple Watch devices because it will be automatically synced. You usually only need to enter your password when prompted.


But if it doesn’t run automatically, you can set it up manually via the Apple Watch app. Please note, this application is unfortunately only available for iPhone.


To Apple Watch



    • Run the Apple Watch app on iPhone


    • Go to General section


    • Then find and select the Apple ID menu


    • Use the associated Apple ID to sign in



The technology company with the apple logo explicitly warns that linking Apple ID to the Watch is very important because users will not be able to use a number of watchOS features without it.


As for example, users really need an Apple ID if they want to access various features that are closely related to the phone number on cellular models of the Apple Watch.


Using a MacOS-based computer also requires an Apple ID in order to work with more complete features. You just need to enter your email address and password if you already have one.


To MacOS Computer



    • Tap the Apple icon in the top left corner


    • Select the System Preferences option


    • Click Sign in


    • Enter your Apple ID (email address and password)



For users who use a dual security system, a verification code in the form of a six-digit number will later be entered into a trusted device or phone number. You just enter it into the column provided on the computer to complete the login process.


Armed with an Apple ID, users can access various features of the Apple TV device to enjoy various kinds of entertainment such as movies, shows, music, and games.


To Apple TV



    1. From the main page, select Settings (gear icon)


    1. Then select Users and Accounts


    1. Then click Add New User


    1. Complete the process by entering your Apple ID



If you’re using a two-stage authentication system, enter the associated code which Apple will usually send in a message to a trusted number or device.


But keep in mind, you sometimes also need to complete the account verification process by entering a password on some devices such as the second and third generation Apple TV.


Interestingly, Apple ID can not only be used by users on devices made by Apple, but also on other devices through applications such as Apple Music, and iTunes, which was also previously described..


How to Link Apple ID Or iCloud Account to Other Devices


Go to the Apple Music App on Devices



    • Run the Apple Music app


    • If it’s the first time, you need to tap the Agree button to agree to the service license policy, then press the Continue button


    • Tap the Send to Apple or Don’t Send option as desired in sending diagnostic data


    • Close a few steps by pressing the appropriate button until you get to the main page


    • Click More Menu (three dots icon) then select Settings


    • Tap the Sign In option


    • Enter your email and password and click Sign In


    • Verify the sign-in to Apple ID with the code sent to a trusted number or device



Once you’ve successfully signed in, you can then go back to using the Apple Music service to enjoy millions of songs, get exclusive playlists, and top recommendations of the music you love from your Android device.


Not much different from that, you can also log into iTunes on a Windows-based computer to buy movies and television shows or listen to songs from the Apple Music service.


Go to iTunes App on Windows Computer



    • Open the iTunes application on your computer or laptop


    • Tap the Agree button to agree to the license policy the first time you run the app


    • Once on the main page, click the Account button


    • Continue by selecting the Sign In menu


    • Fill in the fields with your Apple ID email and password


    • Click Sign In


    • If needed, verify your account by entering the code from a message Apple sends to a trusted number or device



Users can not only use Apple ID to enjoy iTunes services. In this case, you can also use it to set up and sign in to iCloud when you want to access photos, documents, and more.


Go to iCloud App on Windows Computer



    • Install the iCloud for Windows app if you don’t already have one


    • Run the app and follow some of the steps that appear


    • While on the Sign In page, enter your Apple ID email address and password and click Sign In


    • Verify with the OTP code sent to a trusted phone number or device if needed


    • Choose the features and content you want to keep updated across devices


    • Click Apply to confirm



As with Microsoft OneDrive, you can manage various kinds of content within iCloud via the corresponding folders in the File Explorer app (press Windows Key + E to launch) after activating it.


In addition to using this special application, users can also log in to the iCloud service through the page with the browser on the computer.


Through the web-based iCloud service, you will be able to access more features such as Reminders, Pages, Numbers or Keynote, Find My [Device], and Find My Friends.


Apple ID also lets you bring more of what you watch to your Smart TV or console via the Apple TV app, which is now available on a variety of well-known brands.


Go to the Apple TV App



    • Download Apple TV from the available app store and run it when you’re done


    • Click Start Watching


    • Select Settings


    • Open the Accounts menu and click the Sign In option


    • Select Sign In On This TV then enter your email and password using the remote


    • Or in that case, you can choose Sign In On Mobile Device to continue the process of logging into Apple TV using your cellphone



Unfortunately, not all smart TVs support Apple’s television service. You can check.


Also, you can only use one Apple ID on a number of devices, so you need to sign out first if you want to use another account. Apple in this case fortunately provides an easy to use account logout option.


How to Sign Out of iCloud


On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod



    • Go to Settings then go to Profile by tapping Username


    • Scroll until you find the Sign Out option at the bottom of the page


    • Click the option and confirm by entering the Apple ID password


    • Turn Off and continue selecting the data you still want to save on the device by turning on the button


    • Click Sign Out in the top right corner


    • Confirm again with the Sign Out button



Keep in mind, the data that you still want to store locally will later be merged with new data from the next associated account if you select the Merge option when logging in again with a different Apple ID account.


In addition, the Sign Out option on iPhone will specifically affect Apple ID users on Apple Watch if you use it. Just like when linking, the account on the smartwatch device will also be automatically logged out.


It’s just that if it hasn’t really come out, you need to manually cut off communication through the available Apple Watch application.


On Apple Watch



    • Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone


    • Go to My Watch and select All Watches


    • Tap the i icon next to the Apple Watch in question


    • Click Unpair Apple Watch


    • Select delete or save data plan if needed


    • Confirm with the appropriate button and enter the Apple ID password


    • Wait for the process



In some cases, this process sometimes takes quite a while because the service will make a backup first before wiping the device.


With more or less the same steps as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can also sign out of your iCloud account on a MacOS-based computer so that you can then use another Apple ID to log in to it.


On MacOS Computer



    • Click the Apple logo at the top


    • Select System Preferences


    • Go to Apple ID then Overview on a new computer or iCloud on an old computer


    • Click Sign Out


    • Select the data you still want to save then click Keep a Copy


    • Also click Keep on This Mac if you still want to save password data from Safari



The computer will automatically delete all iCloud data except for the data that was previously set to remain. You can restore it by linking the same Apple ID as before on the device.


Unlike the Sign Out method on a MacOS computer, you unfortunately need to remove the Apple ID from your Windows computer one by one separately according to the application you are using.


iTunes App on Windows Computer



    • Open the iTunes app


    • Click Account on the top toolbar


    • Then select the Sign Out menu



As for iCloud, you can access the sign out feature of your Apple ID through the application directly. Further, you can listen to the following reviews if you want to do it.


iCloud App on Windows Computer



    • Run the iCloud app


    • From the main page, just search and click the Sign Out button



You can also move data from the iCloud folder to local storage first if you still want to use it later. But if you want to really clean it, you can skip this.


If you are an Apple TV user, you can also remove your Apple ID from your device even if the system on it supports using multiple accounts at the same time.


On Apple TV



    • Open Settings


    • Go to the Users and Accounts menu


    • Sign in to the associated account and select Remove User from Apple TV



With fairly similar steps, you can log out of a wide variety of other devices. But of course it takes a little adjustment to be successful in doing so.


Signing out of Apple ID is indeed one way that users need to take when they want to sell their device. Therefore, you may ask in the comments column if you have difficulty in the process.


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