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Fix Data Partition Is Encrypted Twrp


Fix Data Partition Is Encrypted Twrp. – If you are an android operator, you must be familiar with the name TWRP. I dont tell what is TWRP, just to share a problem that TWRP user sometimes experience, Data Partition Is Encrypt.

Why can this happen?. Usually occurs because of the wrong rom or origin to create a password. For example, if a xiaomi phone is not a miui base, there is a possibility that something like that might happen. For example, I am a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X user and replace the rom with a basic other than miui, namely lineage. Also had problem data partition is encrypted when using twrp.

Fix Data Partition Is Encrypted Twrp

how? Ok, I will share the method with you.

How to Fix Data Partition Is Encrypted Twrp

First step

This method is to downgrade your TWRP version. Just install twrp to version twrp 3.0.2-0. You can search it on google (or on the official site how to install twrp all xiaomi)

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Second step

Before using this method, strengthen your mentality because all the data on your cellphone will lost because it will formatted.

  1. Entered into TWRP
  2. choose Format Data in the wipe data menu. And reinstall the rom.
  3. Finish

My advice if you feel sorry for deleting data, it’s better to replace TWRP with an older version.

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