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Disabling Windows 10 Auto Updates


Disabling Windows 10 Auto Updates – Windows 10 automatic updates often annoy us and drain our internet quota. Here are 3 ways to forcibly disable Windows 10 Auto Update!

Hello friends of Turning off Windows 10 Auto Update is a step taken when someone is uncomfortable with the update notification. Usually appears when the Laptop or PC is Loading, Start or Shut Down. This makes people want to turn off Windows 10 auto updates.

Windows 10 automatic updates are updates on Windows 10 that are carried out automatically to improve performance. However, this often makes people feel annoyed and disturbed until they stop working. In fact, we need to restart the laptop or PC just before we can work again.

There are some people who are also less comfortable because they just eat up their internet quota. There are times when the internet quota can be drained a lot while updating Windows 10. This is even more annoying when Windows suddenly downloads and installs itself when the laptop or PC is connected to the internet.

Windows 10 itself is one of the operating systems on computers built by Microsoft and released in 2015. The advantage of Windows 10 lies in its modern features that make it suitable for games. This is one of the reasons why Windows 10 is the most widely used in the world.

How to Force Turn Off Auto Update Windows 10


In fact, Windows 10 often updates automatically when we don’t turn off the automatic update. There are many ways that can be done, but actually there is also a way to forcefully turn off the latest 2020 Windows 10 auto update which is also worth a try. The 3 ways are:


1. Disable windows update service


Windows update service is an update service which is responsible for downloading and installing software. This service is arguably very important in a laptop or PC. This is because it provides services in terms of updating to keep your PC or Laptop having the latest system.

Disabling windows update service with a few steps as follows :


  • Press the windows logo on the keyboard + R at the same time. After that the Run contact will start to be active


  • We can type service.msc and press Enter


  • Scroll down and look for windows update and double click it


  • Windows Update Properties (Local Computer) appears.


  • Select “Disabled” on the Startup type menu and then click Apply and then select OK.

2. Changing the Settings of the Group Policy Editor


Setting of the Group Policy Editor is a group policy feature that is not available in the Home Edition. This feature can be used when we run Windows 10 professional, enterprise or education. We can change the settings to turn off the automatic update force on Windows 10.


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  • Pressing Windows logo + R


  • Type gpedit.msc and then click OK


  • Open Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components and Windows Update.


  • Double click on Configure Automatic Update


  • Select Disable in Configured Automatic Updates on the left side


  • After that click Apply and press the OK button


  • Windows automatic update feature can already be disabled


3. Using the Registry feature


Before we use the Registry to disable Forced Auto Update Windows permanently, we can use a method by measuring network connections. Before we try it, we should understand to use a Wifi connection. If indeed your laptop or PC is connected to a Wifi connection, you can try this step :


  • Click the Start button on the lower left side of the desktop


  • Select the Settings app


  • Select and click Network & Internet


  • Click on the Wifi options menu in the left pane, and then click on the connection name you want to select


  • Turn on on Set as metered connection.


If we ourselves don’t have a Wifi connection, we can turn off and turn off auto update windows with the features Registry. Using this method, we must be careful in every step. If we don’t do it right, it could cause permanent damage to your installation.



  • Select windows logo + R


  • Type regedit and click OK to open registry


  • Do a browse






  • Right-click on the Windows Key and select New and then click Key


  • We can name the new key in Windows Update and press Enter


  • Right click the lock and select New and click Lock


  • Name the new key AU key and Enter


    • On the new key, right click on the right side and select New and click DWORD name it AUOption and press enter


  • Next Notify for download and notify for install and click OK.



So earlier 3 Ways to Turn off Auto Update Windows 10 forcibly, are you interested in trying it? Good luck.


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