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DTE Technology Exhibition as a Platform for Digital Transformation Achievements of G20 Countries – The Minister of Communication and Informatics opened the Digital Transformation Expo (DTE) technology exhibition at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. The exhibition is a series of G20 Summits as the culmination of the Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG).

DTE Technology Exhibition as a Platform for Digital Transformation Achievements of G20 Countries

“I hope that this exhibition can be fun as well as a strong reminder of the things we strive for in the digital era,” said Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate in Badung, Bali, Sunday (13/11/2022).

Delivered by the Minister of Communication and Information, DTE presented the four pillars of Indonesia’s digital transformation as well as its latest technological developments. The first is the development of digital infrastructure, the second is the development of a digital economy, the third is the development of a digital society, and finally the development of digital governance.

DTE Technology Exhibition as a Platform for Digital Transformation Achievements of G20 Countries

According to Minister Johnny, the DTE Exhibition will have an impact on the exchange of digital technology knowledge between G20 countries. In addition, the event of an immersive technology exhibition indicates the establishment of efforts to digitize the G20 countries as a form that can inspire many parties.

“For those out there who still have doubts, let this exhibition be without a doubt, and for those who believe in the benefits of digital endeavors. Let this exhibition continue to inspire their steps. It is even more important to show the world how committed we are to building prosperity in the digital era,” he said.

This DTE event is the first event held in the history of the G20 Forum.

The Minister of Communication and Information hopes that DTE will be the right moment for all parties, as an arena for collaboration in advancing the economy by utilizing digital technology.

“Let’s take this moment to gather again and strengthen our collaboration even more to recover together, recover stronger,” he said.

As is known, DTE will last for four days from 13 to 17 November 2022 at Pecatu Hall, Bali. Visitors can view six areas that represent a picture of the digital transformation issue as a priority issue for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

Six of these areas, starting from the entrance area which was use as a place to welcome the collaboration of the G20 countries, then continued in the second area, the Tunnel of Wonders. Furthermore, the display area for the four pillars of digital transformation is in the third area, namely G20 Sinergy.

DTE Technology Exhibition as a Platform for Digital Transformation Achievements of G20 Countries

Meanwhile, Alternate Chair DEWG Dedy Permadi said that the four pillars of digital transformation will be present virtually to provide an overview of the development of digital transformation in Indonesia.

“Besides that, digital transformation will also be shown from several G20 participating countries such as Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates,” said Dedy at the G20 Digital Transformation Expo press release, at the Le Meridien Hotel, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, Saturday (12/11/2022).

After that, the Wall of Collaboration And Metaverse Corner area will be the final part of DTE.

The metaverse technology at G20 features a collaboration between Meta and the Ministry of Communication and Information, WIR Group, and CfDS Gadjah Mada University.

Dedy Permadi explained that the implementation of DTE is intended so that the public can get an overview of the innovations and progress of digital transformation that have been and are being carried out by the governments of G20 member countries together with stakeholders.

“This exhibition will highlight the development of the digital world in Indonesia over the past few years, which is expected to attract investors to invest in Indonesia,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Director of Informatics Empowerment of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Bonifasius W. Pudjianto hopes that the core of the implementation of the DTE exhibition will be achieved. Namely a post-pandemic resilient recovery to work together in a more inclusive, empowering and sustainable digital transformation sphere.

Thus, Director Bonifasius continued, the message from all these digital transformation efforts can be achieved through the holding of the DTE technology exhibition.

“In addition, the DTE event will present various kinds of technological advances in the world and how they can be implemented in Indonesia, so that people can see this collaboration,” he said.

For information, the number of DTE registrants has exceeded 4,000 and the capacity has met the target. For people who want to find out more about this historical activity, you can visit the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Youtube channel after the event is held.

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