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How to check the difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries


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How to check the difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries – The longer you use a laptop, you will definitely feel a decrease in laptop battery performance. If you have experienced this, it’s a good idea to immediately replace your laptop battery with a new one. You need to know how to check the authenticity of a laptop battery.

The decrease in quality or performance in laptop battery life will run out in a faster time when compared to when you first bought it.

Usually, laptop batteries that are two years old and over will have an endurance of approximately one hour. In fact, it is not uncommon for laptop batteries that are still one year old, but have decreased in performance and cannot reused.

How to check the difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries

Symptoms such as a laptop battery that drops quickly and even a battery that can’t charged. Decreased performance on all these gadgets is a normal thing.

The solution that can offered and the easiest if the laptop battery has a problem is to plug it directly into electrical power without using a battery.

However, of course this will make your laptop always depend on electrical power. The safest way is of course to replace the battery with a new one.

Even though you have to replace the laptop battery with a new one, of course you have to be careful in choosing the new battery. Please note that in the market there are very many kw or fake batteries circulating. Don’t want to deceived by naughty sellers for coveting an original laptop battery, but it turns out to be a fake.

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Difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries

Here are the differences between Original, OEM, and KW Laptop Batteries that you should know before buying them.


1. Original Laptop Battery


This original type of battery is usually issue by official laptop companies such as Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Dell. Having different brands and types, each battery has a different serial number (SN) from one another. There are separate types of original laptop batteries, namely OSC and OEM.

This Original Service Center or OSC is a battery that can purchased at an official service center on your laptop. The quality of this OSC battery is no longer in doubt even though the price is much more expensive.

Even though it is the most expensive of other types of batteries, its quality and performance will certainly make you satisfied.


2. OEM Laptop Battery


Another type of original battery that you can choose is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Actually, this type of battery is the same as the OSC, but the difference is that it is not sold at the Service Center. Of course with this, you will get a cheaper price. Even though at a low price, you will also get the same quality.

This OEM battery is actually produced by another vendor who also has a big name for the production license. This is done when producers feel overwhelmed by producing batteries in large quantities due to consumer demand.

Don’t worry, the batteries produced are still branded according to the original manufacturer. It can said that this type of OEM battery is intermediate between the original battery and kw.


3. Super Copy Laptop Battery


This type of battery is a fake battery on the market. If you don’t pay attention, then you can deceived by the seller.

Copy battery has the lowest quality and is designed to as close as possible to the original battery type. The cheaper the price of the battery, of course the quality will be worse.


For ordinary people, it will be difficult to distinguish between copy and original batteries. For the type of super copy battery, it will have a cheaper price than original and OEM batteries. It looks like a replica and is super unlicense from the original product manufacturer. Usually this type of super copy battery is produced in China.

For battery types KW 1, 2, and 3, have the lowest quality compared to others. although made as closely as possible to the original, the quality must be very doubtful.

The price will also very far from the original according to the order, the lower (1, 2, and 3) the lower the quality.


How to Distinguish Original and Super Copy Laptop Batteries

How to check the difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries


1. Check Laptop Battery Prices


After looking at the goods, also look at the price. If the merchant offers a low price, then you need to be careful because it could be that the laptop battery is the lowest KW battery type.


2. Pay Attention to Laptop Battery Packs


Before asking the price, you can also pay attention to the packaging. Usually, the original battery pack will have clearer colors and writing than the KW product. Counterfeit product packaging will usually fade in color.


3. Be careful in choosing a place to buy


If you want a 100% original battery, of course you have to buy it directly from an authorized Service Center. If you have a thin budget, you have to check a counter that is well known and proven to honest with the quality of the goods being sold.


4. Check Laptop Raw Material


Before deciding to buy, you must check in detail what materials are use in the battery product. Counterfeit products will usually use components with lower quality compared to the original battery.


5. Check Laptop Battery Warranty


If the four tips above still make you doubt, you can check the warranty on the laptop battery. If the goods are original, then the seller will certainly provide a direct warranty from the battery manufacturer.

However, if the manufacturer provides a store or distributor warranty, it can ascertained that the product is a fake.

That was an article about how to check the difference between Original, OEM, and Super Copy Laptop Batteries. Hopefully the article that the Techno Clinic wrote is useful!

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