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Windows 10 is Genuine or Pirated

How to Check Windows 10 is Genuine or Pirated


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Windows 10 is Genuine or Pirated– In this article, we will contain 2 ways to check genuine or pirated Windows 10 that are useful for those of you who want to know.


In a product there are only pirated products, this also applies to Windows 10. If you have a genuine Windows 10 product, you will benefit. These advantages include bug fixes and new features from Microsoft by updating directly from Microsoft.


But if you use pirated windows 10 you can’t directly update the features from Microsoft. Even so, you can still use the features from Microsoft.


Difference between Genuine and Pirated Windows 10


Before knowing how to check for genuine or pirated Windows 10, you need to know the difference between genuine or pirated Windows 10. Following are some of the differences between genuine and pirated windows 10.




Pirated Windows 10 is windows that is activated by a cracker. Cracker opportunities to insert malware or viruses into pirated Windows 10 will be very large. Viruses or malware can put your data at risk. Unlike the original Windows 10. Genuine windows are windows officially release by Microsoft, these windows can guaranteed to virus/malware free.




Genuine Windows 10 will get the latest updates from Microsoft, either updates in the form of security or feature updates. While some pirated Windows 10 may still be able to get updates from Microsoft, but this is very dangerous for Microsoft to know.


If there is no update, then the security of data in pirated Windows will be relatively less when compared to the original Windows 10.




If you are using original Windows 10, then you have the right to get support from Microsoft or your computer manufacturer (this really depends on the type of Windows license you have).


You can contact support by phone or email. This support is very useful when you have problems installing Windows or your Windows has an error. Meanwhile, pirated Windows 10 cannot access support from Microsoft or the computer manufacturer.




If you are using pirated Windows 10, then you will most likely get a warning notification in the lower right corner of the desktop with the sound “Activate Windows: Go to Settings to Activate Windows”.


This warning occurs if the pirated Windows is recognized as fake windows by Microsoft’s servers. Genuine Windows 10 users don’t need to worry if they get this notification.


Note: Notifications that appear on Windows can also appear on windows that have not been activated. You need to distinguish between unactivated Windows and pirated Windows.


Windows that have not been activated, including original, will become genuine Windows 10 with a “full version” when using the original Windows 10 product key for activation. If activated with a third-party product key, the Windows will become a pirated Windows.


How to Check Genuine or Pirated Windows 10


After knowing the difference between genuine or pirated Windows 10, the next step is to check if Windows 10 is genuine or pirated. Here are 2 ways to check genuine or pirated windows 10 that you can do.


1. How to View Genuine / Pirated Windows 10 Through Control Panel


1. The first way you can do is to check through the Control Panel. You can check it by selecting Control Panel then clicking System & Security then clicking System.


2. In addition to the method above, there is an easier way that you can use. The way you type this PC in the Search box. Later this PC will appear. Then right click on This PC, if you have right click then select Properties.



3. After you click properties, the System window will appear. In the Windows Activation section, you can see which Windows you have activated or not. If it says “Windows is activated” and then there is a Product ID under it, then the original Windows 10 has activated.



2. How to find out Windows 10 Original / Pirated Using Command Prompt


The second way to find out if windows 10 is genuine or pirated is to use the command prompt.


1. First you need to open Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Search box, then Command Prompt appears from the search results.


Next you select right-click on Command Prompt, right-click and select Run as administrator.



2. Then there are several commands to check the authenticity of Windows 10 installed on a PC or laptop computer. Here are some command codes that you can try:


slmgr.vbs /xpr


This slmgr.vbs /xpr CMD host script serves to find out the windows 10 activation time limit.


Type slmgr.vbs /xpr in the Command Prompt that appears and press Enter.


Later Windows Script Host will open. If a message appears saying The machine is permanently activated, it means that the Windows 10 you have is genuine.



If the message that appears is Volume activation will expire (certain date) then most likely Windows 10 you have is pirat.


slmgr.vbs /dli


The slmgr.vbs /dli CMD host script is use to find out the activation of windows and their partial product key.


Type slmgr.vbs /dli in the Command Prompt that appears and press Enter.


The Windows Script Host window will open. If your Windows 10 is genuine, then you can see some of the Product Keys that appear and License Status: Licensed.Windows 10 Original.


What appears is Volume activation expiration date, renewal interval and there is a third-party program name (for example KMSPico), then it’s possible that the Windows 10 you have is pirat.



There are several more host scripts that you can use to find out the Windwos 10 activation details installed on your PC or laptop computer. Please you can try the script code below.


slmgr /dlv


The slmgr /dlv host script functions to display in full the entire Windows 10 activation details installed on your PC or laptop computer.



slmgr /ato


The slmgr /ato host script is use to view Windows 10 activation and its key.



That’s an easy way to check the authenticity of Windows 10 installed on a genuine or pirated PC or laptop computer from the TechnoWkia blog.


Hopefully with this article on how to see original or fake windows 10 you can find out whether the windows you have are genuine or pirated. Good luck.


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