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Minitool Partition Iso

How to Create and Use a Bootable Minitool Partition Wizard


Minitool Partition Iso – If your computer is still on, it’s easy to change it, if the OS is lost, how do you change the partition format from MBR to GPT? The trick is to use a bootable minitool partition wizard using a flash. So how do you make it? We must first create an ISO from the minitool partition wizard.

Just follow the steps to create a bootable minitool partition wizard

How to Make a Bootable Minitool Partition Wizard

  1. Make sure you have installed the MiniTool Partition Wizard application (If not, please look for it yourself, because this time I will only explain making the bootable iso only. Or you just contact me later I will recommend the version)
  2. Open Minitool Partition Wizard Application
  3. If it is already open, please press the Bootable Media menu
  4. A popup will appear like this, please select Options
  5. Press Next
  6. Next select Iso File (Make an ISO file)
  7. Specify where the iso file will be saved. Next press Save
  8. Finish

How to Use Bootable Minitool Partition Wizard

If you have successfully created the minitool partition wizard iso file, now is the time to make it bootable.

The method is the same as making bootable windows by using Rufus. Please download the Rufus application


If you have succeeded in creating a bootable minitool partition wizard, please boot it via flash like you installed Windows with a flash drive.

  1. Boot via bootable minitool partition wizard on flash.
  2. Press Enter on Minitool Boot Disk
  3. Later it will load, and a popup window will appear, just press OK and continue until the next menu appears
  4. If a menu like this appears, please select Partition Wizard. Later told to restart, just restart and repeat the steps as before.
  5. If you have restarted and entered again, later after you select the Partition Wizard, a display like the following will appear

Congratulations, now you have successfully entered the minitool partition wizard menu. It turns out that to create and use a bootable minitool partition wizard is very easy, right?

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