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How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi


How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi – Xiaomi has reached MIUI 9 and uses Android 7 (Nouget) and there are even some Oreo ones that should have the Camera2 API module in it. But it’s a shame that MUI only activates HAL 1 instead of HAL 3 so that the Camera2 API is automatically turned off by the system.

How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi

Actually what is the use of the camera2 API?. There are so many features that you get if you activate this camera2 API, including :

  • Manual Focus
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Manual ISO
  • RAW
  • Manual White Balance.

Very cool doesn’t it have features like the above?. Unfortunately Xiaomi even disabled it. But calm down now there is a way to enable the Camera2 API. Oh yes, at least Android Lollipop 5.0 yes.

How to Enable Xiaomi Camera2 API


Before activating the camera2 API on xiaomi, first your xiaomi must meet the requirements


Download the X-Plore File Manager application from Lonely Cat Games on the playstore. (you can also use root xplorer, but I think I hope to use x-plore.


  1. Open the xplore application and set it to be able to edit files on the system. The trick is to press the three dots in the upper right corner, select configuration, root access, select Superuser + mount writable
    How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi
  2. Now go to Root –> System –> Press and hold on build.prop and select Edit text
    How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi
  3. Look for the code if there is that code change the number 0 to number 1. But if there is no such code, add at the end of the code. Like this (oh yes, for the build.prop view of each type of xiaomi, even each rom is different, yes. The code can be added in the middle or at the bottom. If I suggest you just add it at the bottom so it’s easy)

    How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi
  4. Press the 3 dots in the right corner and select save
  5. Done now reboot/restart

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If it’s finished and you want to check whether our xiaomi has the camera2 API (Manual mode) feature, you must first install the application from the “Manual Camera Compability Test” playstore. If it is supported, there is a message Great Your Device supports all the manual settings.

How To Enable Camera2 API On Xiaomi

Good luck 🙂

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