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Windows 10 Safe Mode (Tested)

How to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode (Tested)


Windows 10 Safe Mode (Tested) – Safe mode is one of the built-in features of Windows that is often used to troubleshoot problems (such as wanting to remove a stubborn application or remove a virus that has been removed). If you want to repair windows without entering safe mode, I make sure it is very difficult or almost impossible.

Why do you have to enter safe mode? Because with safe mode, Windows only runs important drivers without running applications or drivers that are less important. That way, the problematic application will easily fixed without any more interference.

How to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode

Indeed, there are several methods to enter safe mode. But specifically for Windows 10, the easiest way is to boot settings.

Easy Ways to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode


    1. Press the Windows + R key combination on the keyboard then Type msconfig and press enter to enter the System Configuration settings.

  1. Select the Boot Tab and then check the Safe Mode option, select the Minimal one.
  2. Press Apply. After that there will be a question whether you want to restart the system or not.
  3. Just choose restart. It will automatically go into safe mode after restarting.


How to Exit Windows 10 Safe Mode

To get out of safe mode, just repeat the steps above, uncheck safe mode and restart.

How?. It turns out that it’s easy to enter Windows 10 safe mode.

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