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How To Install (Flashing) MIUI All Xaiomi Without PC


How to flash all xiaomi with miflash, this time I will make an article that flash version of xiaomi without pc alias only use your xiaomi. Maybe a lot of bloggers have written it, so this time with the help of the default xiaomi application, UPDATER.

But this method often doesn’t work if your rom is still using a distributor rom / fake rom, so first make sure your rom is a distributor or official xiaomi rom.

This method can be used on all versions of miui from miui 5, miui 6, miui 7, miui 8 or install the latest miui, miui 9 which is mostly the android nouget version.

How to Install Xiaomi MIUI Without PC

  1. Backup your xiaomi first (otherwise that’s okay because data is rarely lost)
  2. Download the MIUI file according to your xiaomi type
  3. Choose your xiaomi ROM (both global and chinese, my advice is global because it has Google Play Store installed and there are no
  4. strange applications (bloatware) like the Chinese version). Press Download Full ROM (Make sure to download the .zip format file not .gz)
  5. Move the downloaded file to your xiaomi’s internal memory

How To Install (Flashing) MIUI All Xaiomi Without PC

  1. Open the Update app
  2. Press the three dots button in the top right corner
  3. Select Choose Update Package and select the MIUI rom that was downloaded earlier
  4. Press OK and the miui installation process will be successful
  5. Done
    How To Install (Flashing) MIUI All Xaiomi Without PC

If this method doesn’t work, we recommend using the xiaomi flash method with miflash. Please comment if you have any questions

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