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Install Magisk On Xiaomi


Install Magisk On Xiaomi. – Magisk is an application that is similar in use to SuperSU. For now, magisk is very liked by oprekers because it has advantages that superSU does not have. If SuperSU can only grant access or deny root access, then magisk besides being able to access root can also hide root from applications. So applications that cannot be installed on a rooted cellphone with magisk can be installed without losing root access.

For example banking applications or super mario bross games that cannot be run because HH is detected using root. But if you root with magisk, then you can hide the root status of these applications. Amazingly, you can still get official OTA updates without fear of losing root. To hide root status in magisk, you have to set it first. You can read how to hide root status with magisk.

In addition to rooting and hiding root status, magisk also provides several modules that you can download to maximize oprek. Yes, when it comes to the magisk module, it’s very similar to the Xposed module.

For modules in another article, now I just want to give a tutorial on how to install magisk on xiaomi.

How To Install Magisk On Xiaomi


  1. Xiaomi has unlocked the bootloader
  2. Xiaomi has TWRP installed
  3. If you have root access or SuperUser or SuperSU, uninstall root, because magisk cannot work if there are other root files besides magisk.


  1. Download Magisk (zip format) Insert into xiaomi internal memory
  2. If one day you want to install Magisk, you can download it Magisk Uninstaller


At this stage, I assume you can already operate TWRP, okay?

  1. First install Magisk Manager (oh yes, don’t open it yet)
  2. Login to TWRP
  3. Press Install and select Magisk which was in .zip format earlier
  4. Then install it by sliding the slide to the right.
  5. Finished. Then reboot the system.

Congratulations, now your xiaomi has magisk installed. Then you can download the module you want. If it is install correctly then it will look like this

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