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How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types


How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types which are almost all the same, the process to install / install TWRP All Xiaomi types are almost the same. The only difference is that the TWRP file has an .img extension. So in this way, for those of you who are flashing Xiaomi cellphones, you don’t have to bother looking for one by one. Maybe the way I will share is very similar to How to Flash TWRP xiaomi redmi 4x.

How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types

If you have found this article, surely you already know the risks and uses of twrp, right?. Yes, TWRP is used to install rom (custom rom), backup restore rom, root xiaomi, install Xposed, install dolby atmos/viper4android and others.

For the most important risk, your xiaomi warranty will be lost and also if you don’t follow the correct steps a bootloop will occur (I think the xiaomi operator is not afraid of bootloop). If you don’t mind, just go ahead 🙂

How to Install/Install TWRP All Xiaomi Types

Prepare the combat equipment first


  1. Make sure the xiaomi battery is at least 50%
  2. Activate USB Debugging dan OEM unlocking
  3. Make sure your Xiaomi is in good condition unlock bootloader (UBL)




  1. Download the Latest Minimal ADB and Fastboot Then install
  2. Download MiPCSuite and install it so that the driver is automatically installed
  3. Download TWRP.img select according to the type of xiaomi that will install TWRP
  4. Download no-verity-opt-encrypt Terbaru (insert it into your phone’s internal memory)


Tutorial Install/Install TWRP All Xiaomi Types


  1. Enter the fastboot menu by first turning off your xiaomi, then turning it on by pressing Power+Volume down until there is a mi bunny logoHow to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types
  2. Copy the file twrp.img to the folder c:/adb
    How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types
  3. Connect your xiaomi with data cable to pc
  4. Then press the SHIFT key + Right click on an empty space, then select Open command window here.
    How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types
  5. Type
     fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    How to Install TWRP and All Xiaomi Types
  6. Wait until it says finished
  7. Now enter TWRP by pressing the Power button + Volume up
  8. Next, install no-verity-opt-encrypt by going to TWRP and selecting install. Or please follow the steps how to install no verity-opt-encrypt

Please try 🙂

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