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Stabilize Videos Using Google Photos

How to Stabilize Videos Using Google Photos


Stabilize Videos Using Google Photos – At this time, I will share how to stabilize android phone videos using the Google application, namely Google Photos. So if you don’t have the application, please download Google Photos in the Playstore first.

Of course, if you like taking videos using your smartphone, most of the video results are shaking, right, because you don’t use a stabilizer which is quite expensive, so this time I share tips on how to stabilize videos using Google Photos.

How to Stabilize Videos Using Google Photos

1. Open the Google Photos App

2. Then find the video you want to edit

3. you touch the video once until the Tools Edit appears

4. Press Edit

5. Select Stabilize & Wait Until the process is complete


6. Save and wait for it to finish.


Finished. Now your video is stable compared to before. good luck./

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