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Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

How to Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)


Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022) – Maybe many fellow bloggers have written the UBL method or unlock the xiaomi bootloader. But the way I wrote this is a way that is still fresh. There must be many who ask “Actually, what’s the point of unlocking xiaomi bootloader? It’s dangerous when it’s unlocked”. The danger or not depends on the owner of the xiaomi 🙂

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

Actually, unlocking the bootloader is not dangerous, even those who like custom roms are required by UBL because otherwise they can’t be installed. For security issues, if the basics are still MIUI, for example your xiaomi is lost, you still ask for a mi cloud account, unless the inventor installs other than miui, such as lineage os.

Usually the xiaomi has unlocked the bootloader (UBL) so you can install TWRP, root, and mutually change custom rom.

Jika kalian masih belum tahu status xiaomi kalian sudah unlock bootloader atau belum sebaiknya baca cek status bootloader xiaomi.

So UBL is safe, right? Immediately, for those who want their xiaomi to be unlocked, the bootloader can follow steps like the following. Oh yes, I’m using a China Stable ROM, but other roms can.

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader

Before you take this step, you should first understand the risks like the following. If no problem continue. If the xiaomi has been unlock then

  • xiaomi warranty automatically void
  • Vulnerable to virus
  • There is no security guarantee from xiaomi
  • Xiaomi may die (but this is rare)

But I don’t think it’s a problem. If you think this is a problem, you should close this page. If you don’t have a problem with the risk, please continue


1. Make sure you already have a mi account, the list can directly use your xiaomi. how to open
Folder Tool >> settings >> Mi Account >> Create a Mi Account for free >> OK

2. Request unlock bootloader using a laptop or computer on this site. Next click “Unlock Now”

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

3. But if you are direct to the China MIUI forum page, please fill in the username column with your Mi Account ID or enter the orange Mi Account ID number listed above the column.

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

Then click the blue button and it will go to the page “Request Unlock Bootloader” like display 2nd step

4. Fill in your biodata such as Name, Country Code, Phone Number and Reason to unlock it according to what you want. If you have put a check mark.“I confirm that I have read and accepted  the unlocking Disclaimer” then click “Apply Now”.

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

If so, then wait for the confirmation SMS to the phone number registered on the mi account. It usually takes 3-7 days. About getting an sms answer like this

You’ve been granted the permission to unlock your device {Mi Account 1687xxxx). Download Mi Unlock Tool at

If you have already received an SMS like that, proceed to the unlock process


Make sure you have received the sms ok?.

1. Download MiFlashUnlock like in the sms link. Or go back to the Request Unlock Bootloader page like the registration process step 2 then click “unlock Now” and click “Download”

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

2.After miflashunlock is downloaded, next extract and install

3. Open the application and login to the mi account on the Mi Flash Unlock application

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

4. Turn off your xiaomi and enter fastboot by pressing Power + Volume Down simultaneously until the Mi Bunny logo appears which is repairing android.

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

5. Connect the xiaomi to the laptop with a data cable and if it works it says “Phone connected”, then click “Unlock”

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

6. Wait a few seconds until it is successfully unlock, and if you have successfully unlocked the bootloader it will display a display like this then click “Reboot Phone”

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (2022)

Congratulations, now your xiaomi has unlocked the bootloader. Please try 🙂

Now xiaomi has made it easier for users without SMS approval again. Please read How to Unlock the Latest Xiaomi Bootloader Without SMS

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