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IMILAB Home Security Camera A1, 360 Degree Tracking CCTV


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IMILAB Home Security Camera A1, 360 Degree Tracking CCTV. – Security in the home environment is a very important aspect. Good for supervising baby sitters, theft, burglary and other unpleasant events.

This has come to the attention of Imilab, Xiaomi’s partner who produces IP Cameras, Smart video doorbells and various other home devices.

To improve home security, IMILAB and Xiaomi released a device called IMILAB Home Security Camera A1.

IMILAB Home Security Camera A1, 360 Degree Tracking CCTV

This IMILAB A1 CCTV device has a resolution of 1080p – 2304 x 1296 pixels, with a 3 MP sensor, AI Human detection, Motion tracking, Baby Crying detection, 360 degrees panoramic, and Infrared night vision.

Jerry Su, Regional Manager of PT. Invens Sukses Indonesia, as the product distributor, said that IMILAB A1 was released exclusively on Shopee.

IMILAB A1 appears with a simple white box design with IMILAB A1 images on both sides of the box.

This device is also equipped with a 3MP Sensor and Motion Tracking Camera with a 360 degree viewing angle, with a rotating head.

Then there is the feature that there is two-way audio available. Meanwhile videos can be stored in the free cloud and microSD memory cards.

The front is black, and there’s the camera lens, indicator light, and microphone.

On the back, we can see the speaker, reset button and micro USB port.

One of the unique features in this device is AI Human Detection.

With this feature, the camera automatically records a short video when motion is detected.

Another unique thing is that IMILAB A1 has a baby crying detection feature which will certainly be very helpful for parents watching their babies.

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The night vision feature may not come as a surprise because all CCTV cameras are equipped with this feature.

“But the difference is, IMILAB A1 is equipped with Micro-Full Colour,” said Jerry Su,

How to use IMILAB A1

IMILAB Home Security Camera A1, 360 Degree Tracking CCTV

To use it, first download and install the Mi Home application on an Android or iOS device and create an account.

– Continue by tapping the Plus icon to add a new device, and select IMI Home Security Camera.
– Select your Wi-Fi network, and show the QR code to the camera.
– Click next, then wait. Then IMILAB A1 can be used.
– Then return to the Applications menu
– After you connect the camera, you can view live video.
– You can rotate the camera using the button below the video.

There are five icons under the video, such as mute, screenshot, video recording, resolution choice, and full screen.

On the lower side, there is monitoring, playback, video calls, photo albums and shortcuts.

With IMILAB A1 CCTV, you can monitor your home from anywhere so you don’t have to worry about home security.

Apart from that you can see all the videos that have been recorded by IMILAB A1.

To do this, press the settings icon to activate home monitoring, and select settings.

There is a menu of monitoring time, alert sensitivity, alarm interval, motion tracking, baby crying detection, and detection push notifications.

There is also a camera settings menu in the app. Here you can turn on/off the status light, data usage warnings, sleep settings, full color with dim light, rotate images, and image settings.

IMILAB A1 CCTV is spread across various e-commerce platforms.

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