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Install Windows 10 With Flashdisk


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Install Windows 10 With Flashdisk – Teknowikia friends, the longer the technology development is getting faster, right? Because of that, you must always update for each of these changes. Like the changes in the Windows version.

Install Windows 10 With Flashdisk

Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems on computers. This system is very easy to use even for beginners. Therefore, many hardware devices use this one software.

For those of you who are still using Windows 7 and 8, hurry up to change because you are out of date. Just kidding!

But really, you better change to a higher and better version like Windows 10. This is because there will be a lot that you can get from the latest version.

Well, for beginners who don’t know how to actually install Windows 10, let’s pay attention to the method below. Guaranteed your Windows 10 will be installed perfectly.


4 Important Preparations Before Installing Windows 10



  • There are 4 things you need to prepare first before installing Windows 10 on PCs and Laptops. These two things are:
  • If you reinstall a PC or laptop, make sure to first backup important data on the hard drive.
  • Make sure the power on the PC / Laptop is fully charged and in a location that rarely experiences power outages. If the install process suddenly stops in the middle, then the possibility is to repeat the installation process again. This is of course very risky, it could be that the existing program is damaged.
  • Make sure the boot device priority is set in the BIOS menu. Also prepare a bootable Flashdisk or DVS installer for Windows 10 when you want to do the installation process.
  • If you don’t have the Windows 10 installer, you can download the official Windows 10 from Microsoft.



Bios Settings To Be Able To Reinstall Windows 10


As stated above, you need to set the BIOS section so that later your PC can carry out the Windows 10 installation process. There are four steps that need to be done to set this up, namely:


#1. Turn on the PC and press the DEL key on the keyboard until the BIOS screen appears. If the BIOS screen doesn’t appear, you can press the F1/F2/Fn+F2 key. If you can’t, please find out how to display the BIOS display, because every laptop and pc motherboard from the Asus, Lenovo, HP, MSI, Acer and Dell brands has different settings.


#2. In the BIOS display, there will be menus such as main, advanced, security, boot, and exit. Select the boot icon to continue the process.


#3. A display will appear consisting of a CD room menu, removable devices, and network boot. Choose which menu you want to use. If you want to use a Flashdisk, then select the USB Flash Disk menu. Likewise with the others. Arrange it so that your selection is on the top row.


#4. Save the settings by pressing the F10 key on the keyboard. While saving, insert the flash disk or installer DVD which already contains the installer Windows 10 new version.


How to Install Windows 10


1. Windows 10 Installation Approval


When the BIOS setup process is complete, the “Press Any Key to Boot From CD to DVD” display will appear. If you are using a CD, please click anywhere to start the installation. But if you use a flash. You do not need to press any buttons and please wait until the process is complete.


2. Configuration Before Windows 10 Installation


In this section please adjust the language, clock and time and the type of keyboard you are using. If so, please click “Next” at the bottom right.

After that, click the “Install now” icon.



3. Entering Windows 10 product key


On the Activate Windows menu, you can enter a Windows 10 license if you do have a Windows 10 product key serial number. But if you don’t have a Windows 10 license, you can skip this stage first by clicking “I don’t have a product key”.



4. Pilih tipe versi Windows 10


If you download the Windows 10 installer from the link we provided above, in this step you will be given a choice of Windows 10 type. Choose according to your wishes. Here the admin will choose the Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit version. Then click Next.



5. Windows 10 License Policy Agreement


Furthermore, if you have selected the Windows 10 version, your PC or laptop screen will display the terms and conditions of the license section.


Please read it, but if you don’t want it, please click directly to put a check on the “I Accept the license terms” section. After that click “Next”.



6. Select the Windows 10 installation type


There are two types of Windows available, namely Upgrade and Custom. If you select Upgrade then Windows will automatically use the existing partition. You cannot make any changes.

Meanwhile, if you want to make changes or add partitions for data storage, you can choose Custom. Please choose according to your wishes.

In this tutorial on how to reinstall Windows 10, the Admin will choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).



7. Creating Windows 10 Hard Drive Partition


Have you seen that in a computer there are two or more types of data, such as C data and D data. C data is usually used for system storage, while D data is usually used for storing other important files such as photos and videos. It is at this stage that you will determine it. By separating system data and personal data, the data will be easily found.

If your computer or laptop is in a position where an operating system has been installed, it will usually show several existing partitions.

That means you have to be careful. You have to choose which partition to delete or format.

Normally there will be 3 partitions on the hard drive that you want to reinstall Windows 10, namely:


  • 1 Partition : System Reserved / Recovery


  • 2 Partition : Primary (This one is usually for the installation of Windows 10 and other applications)


  • 3 Partition : Primary (This is usually for storing your personal files)


If you don’t want the files or data on the hard drive to be erased, then just format partition numbers 1 and 2 only.

Now, here, the Admin chooses to delete all partitions and create a new hard drive partition in the Windows 10 installation process. Because previously the Admin has backed up all the data on the hard drive.

For how to create a hard disk partition on reinstalling Windows 10, please select Drive Unlallocated space, then click New and first determine the partition capacity. If you have specified the capacity of the Windows 10 hard disk partition, then click Apply.


The next step, after the first hard drive partition process has been created, you need to partition the remaining hard drive capacity again, just select Partition Drive Unlallocated space again, then click new and just click Apply.


8.Choose Windows 10 Installation Storage Place


It can be seen that there are three places that we have created which consist of different capacities. Choose Harddisk Partition 2 as the place to install Windows 10. If everything is to your liking, the next step is to click “Next”.



9. Proses Penginstallan Windows 10


When you select “Next” in the previous step, Windows 10 will install itself.

Wait until the process is 100%, later if the process has shown at 100% your computer or laptop will restart itself several times.

Note: Before the PC / Laptop restarts, you must remove the flash that you used to install Windows 10. This is mandatory for you to prevent your computer from repeating the installation process.


10. Wait for the Windows 10 Installation Process to Complete


After restarting, the PC or Laptop will start booting, wait until the installation process is complete.



11. Pilih Lokasi Negara


In this section, select the region according to where you live. Select the location of the country where you live.


12. Select Keyboard layout type


Then select the type of keyboard layout, you can select US, then click Next.

And for Want to a second keyboard layout, click Skip.


13. Internet and WiFi Settings


If there is a WiFi connection in your area, you can connect to WiFi, if not, please skip this step by selecting I don’t have internet.

Then on the menu option There’s more to discover when you connect to the internet, you can select Continue with limited setup.


14. Create username for Windows 10 PC


Create a username for the Windows 10 Pro. Provide an existing name and password, the password may be filled in, it may also be left blank, then “Next”.



15. Windows 10 Privacy Settings


In the Choose privacy settings for you device section, you can just click Accept.


16. Windows 10 Final Installation Process


This stage is the final process for installing Windows 10. Wait for it to finish.

If this final process is complete, the Windows 10 home screen will appear on your PC.

The Windows 10 installation process on your laptop computer is complete, now your PC has successfully installed the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system.


The final word


How? Pretty easy isn’t it? By following our instructions earlier, we are sure you will be able to install it.

Windows 10 Pro is ready to support all your activities. If you experience problems in the installation process or the Windows 10 Pro you are using won’t work, please post the question in the comments column.

We will be happy to help you and don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can also install Windows 10 themselves.


Good luck!


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