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Learn Digital Marketing using the Google Primer App


Learn Digital Marketing using the Google Primer App – Talking about digital marketing or digital marketing is indeed very broad if we study it. However, if you study without direction or without a clear curriculum, you will confused.


Very different from that presented by the application google primer because this application has many advantages, especially since this application was made directly by the Google team.


In a way, the material presented also includes meat, meaning that it is not a raw theory that has not tested but a theory that is in accordance with the rules that apply in digital marketing itself.


That’s why, we deserve to study with the primary google application if we want to really understand the basics of real and real digital marketing.


The requirements to be able to access the Google Primer application are

    1. Have an active Gmail account.
    2. Has a quota to download the application in its entirety so that it can used offline.
    3. Laptop or PC RAM memory should be quite a lot of space.

Advantages of Google Primary Apps

Learn Digital Marketing using the Google Primer App


  • We are free to use the methods and materials in which there is no special license because it is free to the public.
  • This application not only works when online, but offline or without credit can still used and studied.
  • The material once the topic is completed is immediately completed and ends with an evaluation of our understanding in the lesson.
  • The material is well integrated and systematic.
  • Applications and content are create by the Google Primer team who are experts in their fields.
  • The primary google application after being installed becomes 232 MB (which is quite large) but worth the benefits.Frequent
  • updates every few months. So the material is also developed with the application function.
  • The material that has read will also stored in the saved menu so that it is possible to re-read or repeat the learning.
  • There is also an explore menu here, where we can find what topics we want so that the learning material can be according to our needs.
  • Lots of topic menu options categorized on the top left usually.
  • In contrast to similar applications, this one in terms of material is very in-depth, not just basic.


Category Options Menu

Learn Digital Marketing using the Google Primer App

The category selection menus available in this Google Primer are:




Business & Operations



    • Business planning.


    • Financial management.


    • customer service


    • Looking for employees.


    • Business and trading operations.


    • Inclusive workplace.


    • Productivity at work.


    • Employee management.


    • Career development.



Brand & Identity



    • Customer engagement.


    • Creating a brand.


    • User experience.



Marketing & Measurement



    • Digital marketing basics.


    • Advanced digital marketing.


    • Monitoring and analysis.


    • Social media marketing.


    • Video marketing.


    • Marketing by email.


    • Content marketing.


    • Market research.



That is the introduction to the Google Primer application that can explained by the Klinik Tekno blog. Hope it is useful.

Because basically there are still many people who haven’t used it, so when we know how many benefits we will get, we must immediately have it even if it’s free, but the features and materials are very premium.


So you can say it’s not random, but it becomes something useful, especially for ordinary people, even though it’s easy to learn the material digital marketing with simple language.


Finally, hopefully soon get the benefits of this application.


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