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List of Xiaomi Phones Getting MIUI 11 Update


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List of Xiaomi Phones Getting MIUI 11 Update.– A few weeks ago, Xiaomi officially confirmed the launch of MIUI 11 and it was said that MIUI 11 was in development stage. MIUI is an operating system in China, this operating system has been used by more than 300 million users worldwide. This ROM has undergone 402 weeks of development and updates. It is one of the longest running ROMs on Chinese phones.

Miui 11 will called “a new and unique OS“. Compared with MIUI 9 (flash) and 10 (AI full screen system), 11 fully optimized system. The development of more useful and more refreshing features.


On January 12, a netizen commented on Lei Jun’s official Weibo post which read,

“Lei, MIUI 11 should go a little higher on UI design.”

“Of course.” replied Lei

Xiaomi officially ask to fans,

“What are your expectations?” (for MIUI 11).

The majority of good responses required “global night mode feature”, “smooth and beautiful operation”, and “new icon”. From MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 released in previous years, each iteration version of MIUI update comes with a different design style.

List of Xiaomi Phones Getting MIUI 11 Update

According to information from the MIUI forum, here’s a complete list of devices that are planned to receive the MIUI 11 update :

List of Xiaomi Phones Getting MIUI 11 Update


Model Seri Mi

1. Mi 9,

2. Mi 8,

3. Mi 8 SE,

4. Mi 8 Pro,

5. Mi 8 Explorer Edition,

6. Mi 6, Mi Mix 3,

7. Mi Mix 2s,

8. Mix Mix 2,

9. Mi Mix,

10. Mi Note 3,

11. Mi Note 2

12. Mi Max 3

13. Mi Max 2,

14. Mi Max,

15. Mi Play,

16. Mi 6Χ

17. Mi 5c,

18. Mi 5Χ,

19. Mi 5s,

20. Mi 5s Plus

Model Seri Redmi

1. RedMi Note 7

2. RedMi Note 6/Pro

3. RedMi Note 5/Pro

4. RedMi Note 5Α

5. RedMi Note 4

6. RedMi Note 4X

7. RedMi 6

8. RedMi 6Α

9. RedMi 6 Pro

10. RedMi 5

11. RedMi 5Α

12. RedMi 5 Plus

13. RedMi 4

14. RedMi 4Α

15. RedMi 4Χ

16. RedMi 3s

17. RedMi 3Χ

18. RedMi S2

Unfortunately there are some Xiaomi smartphones that don’t get the update. Like the Mi 5, Mi 4, Mi 4S, Mi 4C and RedMi 3 Pro models, as Xiaomi has stopped providing updates for the mentioned list. .

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