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10 Recommendations Carpets Minimalist – That Can Wash


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10 Recommendations Carpets Minimalist That Can Wash

Machine Washable Rugs

TechnoWikia – Your room will look more beautiful with a carpet decorating the floor. In order to maintain cleanliness, carpets must be treated regularly by washing them. For this reason, choosing a washable carpet will be more profitable for you in terms of maintenance.

What kind of carpet can be washed? For more details, we will explain how to choose and provide 10 recommendations for the best carpets that can be washed. You will find a variety of carpets ranging from soft, smooth, and thick with modern designs to minimalist and artistic ones. Happy reading and choosing carpets!

1. Moderno carpet Motif Bordeaux

Machine Washable Rugs

If you want to decorate your room with a rug whose design looks like a high-quality work of art, this product is a worthy choice. The bordeaux motif on this rug makes it look classy and has its own character so that it will make your room look special and more beautiful.

Moreover, this product has dimensions of 210 x 160 cm so that the artistic side will stand out even more. In addition, this rug is also durable enough for you to use because it is made using polypropylene material. If it is too heavy, we suggest that you ask someone else for help when you want to wash this 6 kg carpet.

2. Rasfur Fleece Carpet With Foam

Machine Washable Rugs

This multi-colored rug is filled with 2 cm thick foam material so that the overall thickness increases to 3.5 cm. Because of its thickness, this rug becomes softer and more comfortable for you to use. If you have limited funds, but want a thick carpet, this product is one option.

This rug is also equipped with a zipper so you can separate the outer layer from the foam filling. That way, this rug becomes lighter and easier for you to wash. Not only that, this carpet base has been coated with a non-slip polka dot cloth so that it is safer for you to place it indoors.

3. Monochrome Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

Its simple design combined with black and white colors makes this 145 x 100 cm rug blend with most room design themes. If you are looking for a rug with a minimalist design that will make your room look more elegant and contemporary, of course this product is a must for you to have.

Then, the base uses a non-slip material so that it is safer for you to use. Made with canvas material, this rug is quite durable. Not only that, the material plus its thickness which is only 1.2 cm makes this product feel light enough so that it is easy for you to fold, store, or wash it yourself at home.

4. Ikea Storabo Rug

Machine Washable Rugs

This machine washable rug is made of synthetic fiber and nylon so it is durable and easy to clean when exposed to water, stains or dust. Then, the base is coated with cold-absorbing rubber so it doesn’t slide easily and feels warm when you sit or lie on it.

If you are looking for a carpet that is suitable as a playground, this product is the answer. The combination of fresh colors plus the presence of various types of traffic signs makes this carpet very interesting to play with. That way, you can use this rug to play with your child while teaching him about traffic.

5. Glitter Feather Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

Upholstered with quality polypropylene fleece, this rug feels soft to the touch. In addition, the material also makes this carpet does not have any aroma so that you will be more comfortable using it. Its thickness is only 1 cm, of course you will have no trouble washing, lifting, or moving it.

Not only that, the fur is also specially designed so that it has a glitter effect that will make your room look more luxurious. If you are looking for a carpet that is shiny and gives a luxurious feel, this product is one of the best options. Medium size, which is 140 x 190 cm, this rug is suitable for you to place in any room

6. Non-Woven Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

Having dimensions of 240 x 200 cm, this carpet is even bigger than a king size spring bed, you know! Even though the size is that big, in fact the price of this product will not make a hole in your pocket. If you want to buy a jumbo sized rug with limited funds, this product is one option.

The texture and thickness of this product is similar to a prayer rug. It only weighs 2 kg so it’s still quite easy for you to fold, move, wash, and dry quickly after washing. Then, this rug is made using selected non-woven fabrics so that it feels quite smooth to the touch and will not scratch the surface of your room’s floor.

7. Round Fleece Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

If you want to give your room a modern feel, you can choose this circular rug of various colors. Having a diameter of 100 cm, this rug will make your room feel more homely and cozy. Moreover, this rug is lined with soft rasfur fur which will make you feel even more comfortable.

In addition, with a thickness of up to 2 cm, this product is soft enough for you to relax. The base has also been coated with anti-slip material so it is not slippery and safe for you to use. Equipped with a zipper, you can easily remove the outside and wash it either by hand or in the washing machine.

8. Asymmetrical White Feather Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

If you are looking for a carpet that is very smooth to the touch, this is the product for you. The 6 cm long bristles on the carpet feel so soft to the touch. You do need a little patience in washing it, but don’t worry, the hair doesn’t fall out easily so the smoothness can be enjoyed longer.

Not only smooth, the white fur also makes this rug look exclusive when you place it indoors. Moreover, with the asymmetrical shape of this rug, it will always attract the attention of the people in your room. In addition, this product is also quite safe for you to use because the carpet base is an anti-slip material.

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9. Ring Pattern Carpet

Machine Washable Rugs

If you want a soft rug for a stretcher, this product is the best choice. Having a thickness of up to 5 cm, you will feel very comfortable both when lying or sitting on this carpet. Not only that, the top of this rug is lined with rasfur so it will feel very soft when you touch it.

Combined with a special foam that does not easily deflate, this product will give you optimal comfort. Moreover, this product is also equipped with a base made of PU (polyurethane) leather. So that it is anti-slip and waterproof. Already a package with two pillows and a mat, this product is even more interesting for you, right?

10. Feather Carpet With PolyPOM Foam

Machine Washable Rugs

This rug will not feel slippery when you spread it because the bottom is a speckled fabric that is non-slip. Although not recommended for washing using a washing machine. This rug is equipped with a zipper so you can easily remove the outside and then wash it by hand.

Then, if you want a carpet that lasts a long time, this product is the solution. The inside of this carpet is filled with polyPOM foam so it is not easily damaged. High resistance to water and chemicals, and is not easily deflated. Even if it’s deflated, you can simply dry it and the foam will return to its original shape, great!

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