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Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack

5 Alasan Mengapa Microsoft Azure Cocok Untuk Aplikasi Cloud Anda


Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack


Microsoft Azure dan Azure Stack


What Can Microsoft Azure Do?

The Microsoft Azure website provides a directory containing hundreds of different services we can use. Including full virtual machines, databases, file storage, backups, and services for mobile and web applications.

The service was originally called “Windows Azure”, but was renamed “Microsoft Azure” because it can handle more than just Windows. We can run virtual machines Windows or Linux on Azure, for example – whichever we want.

If we study the hundreds of services that exist in Microsoft Azure, we’ll find that we can do almost anything. Amazingly, for anything that is not available on Azure. Then we can set up virtual Windows or Linux machines on Azure which can host whatever software we want to use. We can even host Windows or Linux desktops in the cloud on virtual machines and connect to them remotely. This is just another way to use remote computing resources.

How Can People Use Azure?

Anyone can use Microsoft Azure. Just go to the site Azure Web and we will able to register for a new account. Usually, by paying a certain fee we will get an account that we can use for the first 30 days. So that we will able to get started and see how Azure works for us. We also get a number of free services for the first year, including access to Linux virtual machines, Windows virtual machines, file storage, databases, and bandwidth.

Of course, all of this is very useful for people and organizations looking to host services or develop applications. Developers who are building and hosting applications often use services like Azure. And if we own an enterprise, we might able to save money (and reduce headaches) by letting Azure handle our infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Stack

“Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud computing software solution developed by Microsoft based on the Azure cloud platform, which stands for Azure. Azure Stack is designed to help organizations deliver Azure services from their own data center or on premise,” said Yos Vincenzo, Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead at Microsoft Indonesia at the Media Workshop event in Jakarta, (22/11).

Microsoft Azure dan Azure Stack

Microsoft created the Azure Stack as a way to help organizations adopt hybrid cloud computing by leveraging the power of the cloud while still addressing business and technical considerations such as regulatory, data sovereignty, compliance, and latency.

Azure Stack is globally available in July 2017. Microsoft has collaborated with several hardware providers, HPE, Dell EMC, and Lenovo, which are already on the market, including in Indonesia.

There are also 5 Microsoft Azure Stack partners, local data center providers, namely: Telkom Telstra, VibiCloud, CBN, Visionet, and Datacomm. They will deliver a secure hybrid cloud platform that will enable companies in Indonesia to optimize their operations and maximize their value.

“In September last year, Microsoft’s survey of 2,500 IT professionals found that hybrids are not just a short-term strategy with 9 out of 10 (91 percent) IT workers believing that hybrid clouds will remain the approach for their organizations five years from now,” said Yos Vincenzo , Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia.

Of course there will cost savings and Return-On-Investment (ROI) for companies or organizations that use Azure IaaS.

“With IaaS from Microsoft, you will get reduced data center costs, reduced IT outsourcing costs, improved process re-engineering, benefits from new sales at the enterprise level, and benefits from selling to new and larger customers,” explains Yos Vincenzo.

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud can also answer the challenges faced by companies and organizations from OJK regulations, PP No. 82, and limited internet capacity.

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Is Perfect For Your Cloud Applications

As you know, Microsoft Azure is an application platform based on cloud computing and IT infrastructure provided by for developing, deploying, managing and hosting off-site applications. Microsoft Azure is one of the best platforms made by Microsoft. With this application, you can get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you are. Using the tools, applications, and devices of your choice. Microsoft Azure consists of three building components that can run the cloud storage.

First there is Compute, which has the task of managing the entire computing process that occurs including the foreground or background. Then there is Storage, a component whose job is to store all existing data. There are two types of storage, there is Azure Storage to store data in the form of tables, clouds, and blobs and SQL Azure to store files that have SQL Server existence. The third component is Fabric. Fabric is an important part that serves as the organizer or brain of this storage system, many processes are manage including scheduling, resource allocation, and management.

Choosing Microsoft Azure as your cloud computing service is not a bad choice. Here we outline 5 logical reasons why this application is suitable for your cloud application:


Microsoft Azure dan Azure Stack

No need to worry about protection and privacy, Microsoft Azure implements a trusted security system

It is important for you to get data protection and privacy, putting all data on cloud computing makes you afraid of the dangerous threat of data loss. Having good cyber security standards with ISO 27018 certification. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data.

The data center owned has gone through various trials, and has been proven to provide reliable data security. Runs using a Microsoft data center called the Worldwide Network of Microsoft Managed Datacenters, which is spread over 22 regions. Strict security controls and a 99.95% SLA (Service Lever Agreement). Or equivalent to a maximum of 22 minutes of downtime a month. Ensure its ability to provide optimal cloud-based IT infrastructure services for your company.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible and transparent cloud service

Supports almost all operating systems, devices, programming languages, tools, frameworks and whatever type of database you are using. This flexibility is what you need because it is very easy to process the IT infrastructure in your company. Besides that, it also provides professional service transparency. There is a transparency center that functions to review source code and guarantees that nothing goes wrong with the security system of cloud computing services.

With Microsoft Azure, you can increase scalability with guaranteed compliance

Microsoft Azure dan Azure Stack

As your company grows, you may suddenly need a large-scale application and it is also possible to return to small scale and then large scale again. This uncertainty has accommodated by Microsoft Azure with the “pay as you use”, “pay as you go”, or “pay as you grow” features.

The advantages offered by Microsoft Azure benefit you to avoid large initial capital in building IT infrastructure. With Microsoft Azure, you can easily build applications that scale from 10 to 10,000 and even up to 10 million users. All done without the need for additional coding. You can also specify the processor specifications to used by the application according to your needs. You will only pay for the amount of usage you need which means you have the ability to scale changes flexibly and more maturely.

The existence of interoperability so as to reduce costs significantly

Interoperability or the ability of the system to communicate with other systems. Without additional effort is very much needed for work efficiency. If the public cloud does not have security and the private cloud is quite expensive. The best solution is to choose a hybrid cloud. Luckily, with Microsoft Azure, you can develop on-premise applications on cloud services. This means you have significantly reduced or minimized your on-premise infrastructure spending. Especially for long-term expenses that are need along with the progress and development of your company.

Microsoft Azure supports open standards and internet protocols such as HTTP, XML, SOAP, and REST. There are also SKDs for Java, PHP, Ruby, and other applications written using these programming languages. Microsoft Azure also provides a powerful Cloud Disaster Recovery & Backup service to optimally address your data backup needs.

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