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Microsoft Office 365 Types and Functions


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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365, Types of Office 365 and Its Functions –Office 365 is one of the newest applications from Microsoft. To use this application, of course you need to know the meaning, type and function.

As the newest program, the Microsoft Office 365 application of course has many advantages that you can use for your needs. To find out more about this one application, here is a review of the meaning of Office 365, the types of Office 365 and the functions of Office 365:

Understanding Microsoft Office 365


In simple terms, Microsoft Office 365 is a computer software that is used to simplify the work of users, both in accessing information and saving work. This one Microsoft application performs more secure, simple and productive than the previous release.

What’s more, you no longer need to install some software and hardware that you usually use to make your task or work easier. In addition, this latest Microsoft application can also support various types of servers without hardware, no need to upgrade and ease IT administration tasks.

Its use is also very easy and flexible where you can use this application via your PC, MAC or smartphone. If you subscribe to this application, you can access your data and documents anytime and anywhere.

Types of Microsoft Office 365


The rapid development of computer technology today makes many IT companies compete to issue their newest programs. Microsoft is a leading software company in the world that is currently intensively releasing the latest applications, one of which is Microsoft Office 365.


Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365

Before deciding to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365, it’s a good idea to first understand the types of Office 365 plans that are offered. Here are the details:


Microsoft Office 365 for Home


This package consists of 3 types of derived packages, namely:


1. Microsoft 365 Family


Microsoft 365 Family can be used by up to 6 users, where each user can use this application on 5 devices simultaneously. The cloud storage provided reaches 6 TB.

Microsoft’s default software is premium licensed. This package is priced at IDR 1,199,999 per year or IDR 119,999 per month.


2. Microsoft 365 Personal


As the name implies Microsoft 365 Personal, this plan can only used by one user. However, the number of devices that can used simultaneously is 5 devices. The cloud storage capacity provided reaches 1 TB.


Microsoft’s default software is premium license. This package is priced at IDR 879,999 per year or IDR 87,999 per month.


3. Office Home and Student


Purchase of Office Home and Student is only done  and can use for PC or MAC. Only one device can used and the default software is still classic. The price tagged is IDR 1,799,999.


Microsoft Office 365 For Business


As the name suggests, this package is intend for business purposes. The derivative packages are as follows:


1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic


This package is suitable for those of you who are in business and need qualified long-distance communication. Equipped with Microsoft Teams, offline Office and secure cloud storage, you only need to pay IDR 39,100 per month.


2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard


This package is for those of you who need a collaboration system and remote work. All Microsoft default software is premium. The price for this package is Rp. 156,400 per month.


3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium


In addition to the services provided are the same as the standard business package, this premium package is also equip with device management and sophisticated cyber security services. This package is price at IDR 312,800 per month.


Microsoft Office 365 Functions


This application has many functions that you can use. The functions or advantages of Office 365 that you can get if you subscribe are:


Easy collaboration


Allows users to collaborate easily both in doing work together and establishing communication. This easy collaboration can only done by users who are already friends.


Familiar tools


Even though your program has been upgrade to Microsoft Office 365, all the tools and buttons are still the same as the previous Microsoft version. This is of course very easy for those of you who are use to using Microsoft to do work.


Document fidelity


Makes it easier for you to store documents through a cloud service system where you can access these documents anytime and anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about losing the documents you have saved.


Significant savings


This one feature serves to help your computer to be more energy efficient, cost effective and not difficult to develop.


All the advantages of Office 365 described above, you can not only use it on one computer device, but up to 5 devices. These 5 devices can applied to computers using iOS and Windows systems.


How to install Office 365


If you purchased Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Business, follow these steps to install Office 365 on your computer:



    • Access to from the Computer or Mac on which you want to install Office 365, and then sign in with the Microsoft account you used to buy your Office 365 subscription.


    • Click Install.


    • Follow the instructions on your computer monitor screen to install Office 365. Please have a stable internet connection and do not restart your computer while Office 365 is downloading and installing.


Thus the review of the article regarding the definition of Office 365 types and functions. After you read the reviews above, have you been able to decide which type of package you will choose? As a recommendation, choose which one is most suitable for your needs.

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