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Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Parts and Their Functions


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Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Parts and Functions – Microsoft Power Point is a program for presenting presentations in the form of slides and has parts and functions that you need to know.

Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Parts and Their Functions

The function of Microsoft Power Point is to create documents in slide format. One of the programs from Microsoft is usually use for presentation purposes, making simple animations, or even for teaching.


With the existence of Microsoft Power Point, it has shifted the old model of presentation using a projector. With this program, making presentations look more attractive.


The availability of templates in one program so that you can add them from the online version, so users don’t have to bother thinking about the framework or presentation design.


If you are a new user of Microsoft PowerPoint or want to know more about the components of power point, please refer to the article below.

History of Microsoft PowerPoint


Before it was called Microsoft Power Point, this program was formerly called Inc. Developed by the Forethought company, with developers named Dennis Austin and Bob Gaskins. Until finally on July 31, 1987, this company was acquired by Microsoft for 14 million US dollars.

This program was renamed to Power Point. In the 1990s, Power Point 2.0 was released and since then Power Point has become inseparable with two other programs, namely Microsoft Word and Excel.


Microsoft PowerPoint Functions


As previously mentioned, apart from being a program to complete presentations, Power Point has other advantages to support its role and function. What are those?



    • Power point can make it easier for users to add images, photos, audio, video, and even animation. Of course, these features will make the presentation more interesting. 
    • Slides that are arranged can arrang at will and can even print. 
    • Presentation files can be accessed from any computer, but must remain connected to the cloud or use storage such as USB.



Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Sections


As a program, of course Power Point also has inseparable parts. Currently, there are versions of PowerPoint starting from 2007, 2010. 2013, 2016 and 2019 which have almost the same parts or features. As for what distinguishes it is the location of the menu buttons.


Here’s the menu on Microsoft Power Point and its functions:



    1. Office Button



This menu is use to access basic commands relate to the document. For example in creating, opening, saving, to printing and various other functions.



    1. Quick Access Toolbar



There are icons that can used to quickly access commands from users in this quick access toolbar. By default, there are three basic icons, namely Save, Undo, and Repeat.



    1. Tab Menu



This section contains menus that will show the commands for processing documents. There is a home menu that contains a home to adjust slides, fonts, paragraphs, drawing, to editing. Then there is an insert menu to insert images, audio, and video.


Design menu to determine the slide design, animation menu and slide show to determine the animation or transition that you want to use. Finally, there is a review, vew, and help menu for settings and assistance.



    1. Title Bar



In the Title Bar, this will contain the file name of the document that is currently being open or worked on.



    1. Ribbon




This section is still a part of the Tab Menu which contains components for editing slides, adding images, videos, selecting animations, and other things.



    1. Slides Pane




This section displays thumbnails of the slides in the current document.



    1. Status Bar



This section will show the status of the current document. For example, the theme or the number of slides being worked on.



    1. Notes Pane



Menu ini digunakan sebagai penampil catatan dalam slide.



    1. Slide Area



This section will display a slide viewer on the document to worked on.



    1. View button



This section is use to set the slide show.



    1. Zoom Controls



This menu is use to adjust the slide size, to zoom in or out.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Power Point


As a program, of course, in its application, Microsoft Power Point has advantages and disadvantages. Although Microsoft itself is trying to cover up these shortcomings in the new version, you certainly have to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this program.

Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Parts and Their Functions


Advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint



    • Users will find it easier to make presentations in the form of slides. 
    • Has a variety of tools that will help when working on presentation templates. 
    • It has a variety of varied templates so you won’t get boring. 
    • Besides being able to saved in power point slide format, the file can also export as a pdf for easy reading of documents when not use for presentations. 
    • It has collaboration features so that users are no stuck there. 


    • There is a cloud service feature. 
    • Has a very reliable protection feature. So the presentation file is consider more secure.


Disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint



    • Can only used on windows and certainly cannot used on computers with other OS. 
    • Had to buy a license and it was very expensive. 
    • The size of this program is heavy, so users must have a capable internal memory.



Thus an explanation of the parts of the menu bar in Microsoft Power Point and its functions. Hopefully this article from the Technowikia blog is useful!


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