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Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers –Along with the times, many changes are happening around us. Mobilization and development and the hustle and bustle of the city do not always bring pleasure to those in the environment.


7 of the best smartphone apps for Hikers


Maybe that’s one of the factors that increase natural tourism visits. Sometimes when we are bored with routines by enjoying nature we can see beautiful natural scenery and breathe natural fresh air that is not found in luxury malls though.


There are those who go on nature tours just to relieve fatigue, there are also those who actually channel their hobbies which are sometimes quite extreme, such as paragliding, parachuting, rock climbing, downhill, climbing and others.


The smartphone application for Hikers is the most recommended – mountain climbing is an outdoor activity that is increasingly popular lately, with people getting easier access to information such as increasingly diverse social media, automatically attracting tourists to come.


But sometimes many of them new climbers have not fully prepared, so it is better to prepare physically, climbing tools and logistics. And to support climbing, KlinikTekno will recommend applications that will help you when climbing.


1. Mountain climber

Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers

Before climbing it is better if you seek information from the mountain that is the purpose of climbing. This Mountain Climber application will be very helpful for climbers in which there is quite complete information as a climbing reference.

In it we can choose a mountain complete with mountain views, hiking trails, entrance tickets, as well as information or stories related to the mountain.


2. ViewRanger jejak & peta


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


an application suitable for climbers and quite well known so far. ViewRanger can work even when there is no signal. We usually make schedules and make travel routes, record our tracks and then we can share them with other climbers and relatives. With the GPS system we can help find other users who get lost.


3. WeatherBug


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


Next there is the WeatherBug application, a weather application that displays many functions in it. After getting a reference from the mountain to climbed, then we need to look at the weather conditions at the location, is it possible to climb. WeatherBug displays real-time weather and forecasts for the following days.


4. SAS Suvival Guide


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers

An app that will come in handy when on the go. If it is possible that we are lost, this application can a guide to survive not only in forests, mountains, but also in all fields, at sea and also in the desert.


5. AllTrails


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


Having the function to record trips and share on social media, AllTrails gives us the option to create our own path or choose a route that is considered complete because it is stored in this application.


6. FirshAid


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


FirshAid is a guide application when an accident or disaster occurs. It contains videos and visualizations of animated images to perform initial assistance for fellow climbers. In addition, there is also a safety guide in the event of a disaster.


7. Muslim Pro


Mountaineers Must Know! 7 Best Apps For Hikers


There is one more application that is very useful especially for those who are Muslim, namely Muslim Pro.

With this application we can see the Qibla, accurate prayer schedules with notifications for the call to prayer, the Koran, the translation of prayers. calendar etc.



– adventurer code of conduct,


“Take nothing but pictures 

 Leave nothing but foot print 

Kill nothing but time”.



Those are some Android and IOS smartphone applications that can help make climbing trips safer. Don’t forget to also prepare physically and mentally, maintain cohesiveness. Because the peak is a bonus, the most important thing is being together and going home safely. From KlinikTekno, greetings sustainable.


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