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Power Supply 80 Plus For PC Gaming BEST OF 8

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Power Supply 80 Plus For PC Gaming 2022 – PSU 80 Plus is a power supply that has an efficiency level of about 80% with a load of 20%, 50%, 100%. The advantage, this type of PSU emits less heat and the price is affordable.

As follows, the recommendations for the best 80 Plus Power Supply for PC gaming computers from the cheapest to the most expensive prices in 2022.


Best 80 Plus Power Supply For PC Gaming


1. FSP Hexa+ 500w


fsp hexa


The FSP Hexa+ 500w has a fairly affordable price, which is around Rp. 600 thousand. This type of PSU has a small size of 150 x 165 x 86 mm. Although small, this PSU with a pure 500 watt capacity is equipped with dual rail +12v output.


The advantage is that the 80 Plus PSU under 1 million rupiah is not noisy and has short circuit protection (OVP, OCP, SCP). So, you will feel safer when using the Hexa+ 500w FSP PSU. The price of the Hexa+ 500w FSP PSU is around IDR. 600,000.

2. Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze


Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze


Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze has a price of around IDR.800.000. This type of PSU supports 120mm FDB Fan which makes the fan noise quiet and durable.


Although the price is cheap, this PSU from Seasonic can be used as an alternative for playing games on a mid-end computer. Moreover, this PSU is equipped with a gold plated connector and an S2FC circuit to increase efficiency. No wonder this Seasonic PSU has an energy efficiency rate of 85% with 50% load.

3. Corsair CX450M




The third good PSU 80 Plus recommendation is the Corsair CX450M. This type of PSU has a capacity of 450 watts with a single rail 12v. With a price of around IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1 million, the Corsair CX450M PSU is quite complete and capable.

How not, the Corsair CX450M PSU has powerful advantages, including:

  • Has 80 Plus Bronze certificate with an efficiency level of up to 85%.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not noisy when in use.
  • Short circuit protection.



4. Antec Edge 550w Gold


Antec Edge 550w Gold


Antec Edge 550w Gold is equipped with 80 Plus Gold certificate. That is, this type of PC gaming power supply has a minimum power efficiency of 92% for a 50% load and an efficiency of 89% for a 100% load.


PSU from Antec It is equipped with a 16 pin socket for 2 different types of 8 pin socket cables. In addition, this PSU is also equipped with a quiet 135mm LED FDB fan. So, you don’t have to worry about noise when using this PSU.


PSU from Antec has the ultimate protection from short circuit with OCP, OVP, NLO, SCP, OPP, OTP, SIP. That way, you will be safer when using the Antec Edge 550 Gold PSU. The price of the Antec Edge 550w Gold gaming PSU is around IDR.1,350,000.


5. Seasonic FOCUS Platinum SSR-750PX 80+


Seasonic FOCUS Platinum SSR-750PX 80+


The Seasonic SSR-750W is a fully modular PSU equipped with 80 Plus Platinum certificate. That is, this PSU has a minimum power efficiency of 94% with a load of 50%. With this level of efficiency, this PSU is suitable for mid-range gaming.


One of the best 80 Plus PSUs from Seasonic, this has a design for capable air circulation. That way, this PSU doesn’t get hot easily even if you use it to play games.


For the price, the Seasonic FOCUS Platinum SSR-750PX 80+ is price at around IDR.2.000.000. The price is quite affordable considering that this PSU has an 80 Plus Platinum certificate for gaming computers.


6. EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2


EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2


If you are looking for a high end 80+ PC gaming power supply, the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 can be an option. This PSU costs around IDR.6-7.000.000 and has 80 Plus Platinum certification.


The price is quite comparable to the features offered. One of them, the EVGA PSU is capable of distributing power reaching 2,000 watts. With that much power, you can use this PSU for gaming, mining cryptocurrencies, and even rendering heavy videos.

7. Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200PD



Another one from Seasonic. Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200 PD comes with 80 Plus Platinum certification. As a result, this best type of 80+ PSU has an efficiency rate of 92% with a load of 50%.


In order not to overheat, this PSU from Seasonic uses an FDB fan which is better than a double ball fan. In addition, to increase output, this PSU is equip with a bronze plate, you know.


No half-hearted, the warranty provided by Seasonic for this PSU reaches 12 years. So, don’t surprise if the price of the PSU 80+ Platinum Seasonic reaches IDR.4.000.000 .


8. Cooler Master MasterWatt 750w 80 Plus


Cooler Master MasterWatt 750w 80 Plus


This Cooler Master MasterWatt 750 PSU has 80 Plus Bronze certification. This PSU has a semi fanless mode so that when the load is below 15%, the MasterWatt fan will be silent.


The best gaming PC PSU, which is price at around Rp. 1.400.000, is equip with a 16 AWV power cable. That way, this best gaming power supply can reduce resistance and increase performance efficiency.


The fan use is SIlencio 120mm which is quiet when used. So, you will not disturbed by noise when you are concentrating on working in front of the computer.


Those are some recommendations for the best 80 Plus Power Supply for PC gaming computers from cheap to most expensive prices that you can choose. Each has different specifications so you can adjust it to your needs.


Don’t forget to keep checking before buying because prices and availability of goods can change at any time.


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