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Problems and Solutions About Xiaomi Updater

Rate this post – Some of you must have faced many problems while trying to update MIUI ROM via updater. Actually this is not a bug of miui yes, let’s understand some common problems and their solutions.

If you want use updater :

  1. To update MIUI ROM, you need Internet/WiFi connection for verification and decryption
  2. You can’t use the same ROM (zip) again after Decrypting
  3. Always download True Update for your xiaomi from Official Source

Here are the problems that often occur in the xiaomi updater and the solutions

  1. Can’t Verify Update. It’s not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package.


    1. You are trying to install the same ROM after decrypting (After decrypting the ROM, you can’t share it with your friends or flash it again using TWRP)

    2. Are trying to install Custom ROM / Custom Mod using Updater

    3. Haven’t fully download ROM


    1. Re-download the ROM again from App Updater or here

    2. Make sure you download the correct ROM for your phone

  2. Can’t Verify Update. You’re allow to flash the newest/latest Stable Version published by MIUI forum from developer Version Only


    You are trying to change from Stable ROM to developer or maybe you are installing Old ROM


    You guys might want to go back to MIUI Stable ROM after installing MIUI Developers ROM or vice versa, you need to download latest MIUI ROM here

  3. Can’t Verify Update. Couldn’t Verify The Source Of This Update. Try Downloading it Again


  4. Can’t Verify Update. ROM is in Beta Testing, make sure you have signed in with a beta autorized Xiaomi account


    You might try to install LEAK Beta ROM (Leak Developers ROM or Leak Beta Stable ROM) which was downloaded from unofficial sources. If you find someone leaking beta ROMs or Changelogs, please report them to Beta S / Moderators that action will taken. Please don’t forget to mention the exact source.


    Install the beta ROM at your own risk. Beta Stable ROM is release to random users via OTA for feedback purposes. And Beta Developer ROM release to Beta Testers selective group

  5. Can’t Verify Update. Current Android Version is Different from that in the Recovery


    This happen at there is MIUI Update with Android Update.  At try to change from Stable to Developers ROM or vice versa.


    Reinstall your xiaomi via Fastboot mode or update download

  6. Can’t Verify Update. Other Reason


    There may be several other reasons. You guys are trying to change from China to Global or Global to China ROM.


    If you want to change from Global to China or vice versa, need Unlock Bootloader and flash ROM via Fastboot mode.

  7. Connect To Wlan. Download this update, connect to WLAN Network


    Downloading Update Requires WiFi or Internet Connection.


    You guys need to be connected to WiFi or have working internet on your phone to Download and install MIUI Update.

  8. Viewing Changelogs Problems


    This is a Server problem. Changelog is under development.


    Please check the changelog in the forum

  9. Can’t Download. Something went wrong. Wait a minute or two and try again


    I’ll tell you guys what’s wrong with this. At the time update was release, many user try to download the update which cause server to unresponsive (more server problem).


    Download later

    Example :

  10. Update Failed!


    1. You have installed TWRP Custom Recovery

    2. You have modified system files, rooting, flashing custom kernel, etc


    If you do as above, and if you want to update, you need to download Full ROM from App Updater or There

  11. No Update Available!


    Even check for update, you get message “No Update Available!” even other users are getting updates. This happen if you are in the developer rom


    You better flash your xiaomi use miflash.

    If you found any other issues with Updater, let me know. I can give solution. Thank You

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