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Remove login page in CorelDraw X7/X8 2023

How to Remove login page in CorelDraw X7/X8 


Remove login page in CorelDraw X7/X8  – Besides being a blogger sometimes I also become a designer, so I am no stranger to this software. Yes I use coreldraw X7 (sometimes use illustrator too). Why not the latest version like CorelDraw X8 or CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2018?. Yes, because I think X7 is a lightweight version of CorelDraw. Forget the small talk earlier. So after installing X7 there is a bit of an annoying display, yes, when I want to open CorelDraw, the login page always appears. I think it’s annoying. So can you remove the login page display? Luckily it can.

CorelDraw X7/X8

What does it look like when you open CorelDraw like this

CorelDraw X7/X8

What do you think?. very annoying ?. Let’s get rid of the login page view

Remove login page in CorelDraw X7 (2023)

  1. Make sure you are not opening CorelDraw
  2. Go to the folder where Corel Draw is installed in C:\Program Files\Corel
  3. Type RMP in the search field
    CorelDraw X7/X8

  4. Delete all files that have the word RMP.
    CorelDraw X7/X8


    CorelDraw X7/X8

  5. FinishedHow?. It’s easy to remove the login screen on CorelDraw X7 X8.Please try

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