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Failed to Unlock Bootloader Only Up to 50%

How to Overcome 50% Bootloader Unlocking


Lots of people experience the problem of “unlocking bootloader stuck at 50%” during the UBL process or unlocking the bootloader. I will give a solution for those if you are bootloader stuck at 50%. You can use Global stable ROM, China Stable, or a MIUI developer ROM.

Failed to Unlock Bootloader Only Up to 50%

Yes, the point of the tutorial that I will share is to equate the mi account on xiaomi with the one in the mi flash unlock application.

How to Overcome 50% Bootloader Unlocking

First step

  1. Please login on xiaomi using your mi account and activate Find Device
  2. Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Android Device Manager and Enable
  3. Go to site and log in to the same Mi account as the one on your xiaomi, select FIND DEVICE.
  4. Let devices detected and it should look like picture, and please check if your xiaomi details and location are correct. Now don’t click Erase, Alarm or Lock. If you click Erase, Alarm or Lock you will mess up this tutorial.
  5. Now if it is correct, then proceed to unlock it using Mi Flash Unlock which is located on

If it doesn’t work, please do the second method

Second Step

  1. Go to About Phone Tap 7x on MIUI Version to enable “Developer Option”
  2. After enabling Developer options, go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer options
  3. You will see Allow OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging options, Enable both options.

    Go click to get the Mi Unlock Status option.

  4. Click on that option and you will get the “Add Account and Device” option.
  5. Final Step Add an account. That has notive given permission to Unlock Bootloader on your Device and proceed to Unlock Bootloader using the latest Mi Flash Unlock.

It be resolved now


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