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Can Not Found Flash File All Except Storage Bat 100% Work!

Solution Can Not Found Flash File All Except Storage Bat When Flash


Can Not Found Flash File All Except Storage Bat – The story is yesterday I was asked by a friend to flash his xiaomi because he installed the wrong kernel. Yes, because you installed the wrong kernel, there was a bootloop and the worst thing was that the TWRP that he had installed was also missing. I reinstalled TWRP with ADB fastboot, the result?. Still bootloop. Yes, the only way is to re-flash using Mi Flash. I told the impact of this re-flashing, namely the data on the cellphone will be lost. Turns out he didn’t have a problem. OK, I’ll just execute it. It turned out to be an error with the statement “Can Not Found Flash File All Except Storage Bat”. Even though the contents of the data are correct. After browsing here and there finally found a solution.

Yes, I finally found a solution from the xiaomi forum, it turned out to be quite easy. Yes, at least there is no error again and it worked.

How to Fix Can Not Found Flash File All Except Storage Bat

  1. The first thing to do is to set up the laptop explorer first to make it easy, the method is as follows:

    Download the leatest Xiaomi Mi Flash

    Open explorerSelect OrganizeFolder and search optionsSelect tab viewUncheck Hide extensions for known file types and press OK

  2. If so, the next step is to extract the results from the xiaomi download site. Usually the extension from the download is in the .tar format (if you don’t know the steps to flash the xiaomi, you can read how to flash the xiaomi with miflash) For example, the results from the download. The name is ferrari_global_images_6.7.21_20160712.0000.26_5.0_global_90e9d6b875.tar Change the extension to ferrari_global_images_6.7.21_20160712.0000.26_5.0_global_90e9d6b875.tgz (if there is a warning just press OK / Yes)
  3. Then just extract the files that have been changed.
  4. Now open the miflash application and run the flash process.

    Why does the error still occur? It turns out that the problem is that we don’t choose the clean all option. Try to select clean all and refresh and flash again. Surely you can now

Yes, only by changing the clean all option, it can return to normal. Try it!

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