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Stabilizer, Stabilizer Function and How the Stabilizer Works


Stabilizer, Stabilizer Function and How the Stabilizer Works – The condition of the incoming and outgoing electric power in a personal computer or PC is sometimes unstable. Many factors can influence this. However, this problem can actually solved with a piece of hardware called a stabilizer.


So, what is a stabilizer? How does a stabilizer work? All of them will be discussed in detail in this article briefly. You will also know the function of the stabilizer. Here’s a review for you.


Definition of Stabilizer


If you don’t know you don’t know, that’s a saying in this discussion. You must know the basic concept of stabilizer.


Stabilizer comes from the word ‘stable’, which is controlled and a constant condition. As for the overall meaning, that this device is use to stabilize the electric voltage or commonly call the normal flow of electricity.


This stabilizer, also known as a power stabilizer, is used if there is an unstable flow of electricity due to changing weather, someone has stolen electricity, or there is a sudden obstacle to the flow of electricity in the wiring.


With this device, it is guarantee that the computer equipment is not easily damage so that the computer machine works normally.


How to Install Stabilizer


Before preparing to install the device, you must check the condition of the electrical voltage in each place that you will install.


This is because each place has a different voltage magnitude. So there needs to be an adjustment to choose a suitable stabilizer.


The procedure is to prepare a Test Voltage and then measure the voltage at the source. If it is less than 200 volts, the stabilizer can installed near your computer.


In addition, the number of stabilizers also depends on the number of computer systems you install. If it is use for internet cafes, it is necessary to provide more stabilizers.


If it has been prepared, then the stabilizer plug is connect to the socket as a source of electric current voltage. Then pay attention to the stabilizer button in the off or off condition.


After that, the plug on the computer monitor is connect to the stabilizer and then press the stabilizer button to the on or on position. Finally, turn on the computer until it is ready to use.


Types of Stabilizers


In the previous discussion, it has mentioned that in order to able to install a stabilizer, it is necessary to adjust the voltage in each place. Your office, your house, your neighbor’s house must have different voltages.

So it makes a lot of new breakthroughs in the stabilizer. As a result, various types of these supporting devices appear.

The types of stabilizers are distinguish based on the important components that can stabilize the voltage in the device.

Stabilizer using servo motor rotation. This is done within 2 to 5 seconds until the resulting voltage is stable.

However, the weakness of this device is that it does not have a filter circuit that is useful if there is an electric current disturbance due to surges to lightning.

Stabilizer in which there is a relay that quickly provides a stable voltage to the computer. This is due to the nature of the relay which is very responsive to receive signals if there is an unstable electrical voltage.

However, it still doesn’t have a filter in it. So the stability range is only less than 5%.

Stabilizer with Digital Control is more sophisticated. This apart from having a relay, it is also equipped with a triac or what is known as a tyristor.

The triac itself actually functions as an amplifier of the relay function and as an automatic switch in a circuit.

Stabilizer with more sophisticated sophistication is to use a ferro resonant or also called a line conditioner. This sophistication is support by a very fast response time interval of 0.04 seconds to achieve voltage stability.

This is support by the addition of a filter that uses a capacitor component and an isolating transformer.


Stabilizer Function


It has previously explained that its main function is to produce a stable voltage to given to hardware in need, one of which is a computer.

So from the main function, the stabilizer has a derivative function or other functions, namely


  1. Extend the life of the use of electronic devices, especially on computer systems
  2. Keeping the power supply stable
  3. There is a filter to reduce noise and disturbance, especially lightning
  4. Protects electronic devices from under and over voltage sources
  5. Can reduce damage to electronic components so that life time can maintained


So it can summarized that in the end the stabilizer can be an alternative solution to protect electronic equipment at a low cost.


How Stabilizer Works


Actually this device also requires an electric current condition. Where the condition must be stable.

The system or the workings of the stabilizer is determine by two factors of the capacity value of the stabilizer system.

First, the value of the capacity of the electronic device or hardware that will connect to the stabilizer. Second, the value of the capacity of the stabilizer itself.




So from the work system shown in the picture that the electricity source from PLN will go to the stabilizer so that the electrical voltage that enters the component or electronic device is in the form of a stable electrical voltage.

However, in practice, there are many incidents that occur in the malfunction of the stabilizer. This is because the stabilizer capacity value is smaller than the capacity value of the installed power source.


The final word


Well, that was a brief explanation of the meaning of a stabilizer, how it works, and its functions for you to use on your PC.


Hopefully this article from the TechnoWikia is useful and can help you in increasing your knowledge in the world of electricity.

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