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Tesla phone specifications and prices


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Tesla phone

Tesla phone specifications and prices – The Tesla smartphone is a tangible manifestation of the Tesla company’s breakthrough innovation led by Elon Musk.

So what are the specifications of this smartphone? Let’s watch together

Tesla Smartphone Complete Specifications

    1. Design


On the design side, the characteristics of the Tesla company are highlight on the back of the body with the T logo which is its flagship and judging by its shape, it doesn’t really follow other conventional smartphone models.

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    2. Camera And Screen

Carried with 3 horizontal lenses, this phone is equip with a resolution of 108 MP and a screen that supports 4K

    3. Battery and Network

This phone will be a phone that is truly wireless, because charging this phone using solar panel technology for battery capacity is not known. The network used supports 5G and Wifi 6

    4. price

Tesla Pi Phone

The Tesla Pi phone series is pric at $259 or the equivalent of 3.7 million in rp
What about technowikia friends? interested to have it?


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