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The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia


The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia 2022 – We can basically see the best laptop brands from various criteria. The following is a list of the best and best-selling laptop brands in Indonesia in 2021.

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia

We can see the best laptop brands from the level of sales, RAM capacity, processor to specifications and warranty. What you really need to realize when choosing a laptop is actually more towards your needs. Laptops for writing, playing games, designs and so on, of course, have different standards.


The best-selling laptop brand itself is a laptop that has many enthusiasts and buyers, especially in Indonesia. Many laptop brands in Indonesia have become so competitive in the market. Many are increasingly sophisticated technology to design good designs to attract buyers.

Sometimes the best laptop is not necessarily the best seller, and vice versa. Many factors ultimately make people interested in buying a laptop. In addition to good performance, an affordable or even cheap price is also a determinant of why laptops can sell well in the market.


List of the best and best-selling laptop brands in Indonesia

There are a lot of lists of the best and best-selling laptop brands in Indonesia in 2021. Each product that is marketed certainly has its own target to reap the market with their respective advantages. If you’re curious, just take a look at the following explanation!


1. Asus

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia

This product from a Taiwanese company called Asustek Computer continues to grow from time to time. Market demand for laptops whose quality follows the needs of the times they can provide. This makes Asus can counted on to included in the list of the best laptops.


If you look back, the Asustek Computer company initially produced motherboards and VGA. This is an added value for them because they certainly have more experience in this field. Experience and continuous innovation make Asus products more and more in demand.


Advantages of Asus Laptops


  • The superior quality of the motherboard cannot be separated from the experience of the Asustek Computer company itself. As a manufacturer of motherboards and VGA will be applied to their own laptop products.


  • Affordable prices and a warranty make Asus has a place in the hearts of buyers. There is quality that can always maintained until the guarantee that makes buyers safe is a plus for Asus.


  • Innovativeness and always being able to excel in its class are other advantages of this product.


2. Apple

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia

This American laptop product has become one of the best and best-selling products in Indonesia. Although the price is quite expensive, the quality provided is not original. Technological innovations that are carried from time to time have a positive influence on the sales of this Apple brand laptop.


Although in its development there has been progress to setbacks, in Asia itself, including in Indonesia, it has actually increased. Apple has always tried to provide the best quality products for the market. There are many advantages that we can get as follows:


Advantages of Apple Laptops


  • Having an interesting concept and design is one of Apple’s advantages. Apple’s own laptop provides a futuristic design that can always look attractive according to the times.


  • Technological features and specifications that do not exist in other laptop brands.


  • The existence of services that are easily accessible everywhere provides its own convenience.


3. Lenovo

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia

It is undeniable that Lenovo is a founder and a leading innovator in computing to network products. Lenovo itself also has a variety of product variants when compared to others. This also makes Lenovoa the best and best-selling product in its class.


Advantages of Lenovo Laptops


  • Product quality that is always superior in its class is one of the advantages of Lenovo laptops themselves. In terms of LCD, design, to the construction itself is always sturdy when compared to other products.


  • Service and spare parts for Lenovo laptops are easy to find.


  • Have many models and specifications of laptops according to what the market needs. We as buyers must be really observant when buying Lenovo laptops according to our needs.


4. Dell

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in Indonesia

This laptop product comes from America and was initiated by Michael Dell in 1984. You could say the design and body of the Dell laptop itself is very sturdy. This is the main attraction why this product is the best and best-selling in Indonesia.


Advantages of Dell Laptops


  • The quality of a reliable, durable and long-lasting laptop is the advantage of this product. The design may look a little stiff but it is sturdy with a good hardware arrangement.


  • Specialized customer service. Customers can easily contact a Dell technician and bring them to their homes.



The best laptop brands that are good and best-selling themselves are indeed many. In Indonesia alone, the 4 laptops above may used as a little comparison as a choice of the best-selling laptop brand in Indonesia in 2022.

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