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Top 5 Fashionable Men’s Watch Brands for 2022


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Watches are now not just a means of telling time. But it is also a fashion statement from its users, especially men.

Yes, for men, watches are important accessories that can show their passion, confidence and style. It’s no wonder why various brands of the best men’s watches are competing to produce watches that suit the ‘soul’ of men.

What are these products? A watch that can make you appear more macho, fashionable and more confident.

The following,, summarizes the recommendations for the 11 best men’s watch brands in 2022, along with their product lines and price ranges.

5 Best Branded Men’s Watch Brands

1. Daniel Wellington

Top 5 Fashionable Men's Watch Brands for 2022

Daniel Wellington or often abbreviated as DW consistently produces watch designs with a distinctive character.

Timeless, Bold, Expressive, Minimalist: DW watches come with a bold, expressive and minimalist but dynamic concept integrated into 1 product that is suitable for young people. Each design depicts the spirit and authority of its users.

DW Watch Quality: DW components incorporate a Quartz movement made in Miyota from Japan. Then the leather watch belt usually uses a leather model from Italy.

Apart from design, Daniel Wellington also prioritizes comfort in use. Comes with the size and thickness that has been researched. So, besides the maximum design, the functional side of DW is also superior. It’s no wonder that many men choose this watch brand.

3 DW Collections for Different Styles

There are 3 watch product lines that DW launched for men, (1) Iconic; (2) Petites; (3) Classics.

Iconic, a DW product line that comes with a sporty, contemporary, modern and luxurious impression. Available in various colors, gold, silver and rose gold.

The DW Iconic product line is designed for those of you who have an active lifestyle and feel more bling on the wrist.

  • Iconic SKUs: Iconic Link, Iconic Link Emerald, Iconic Motion.Petite and Classic, come with the concept of interchangeable watch straps.

You can change the watch style by adjusting the strap. There is a choice of colorful NATO straps, mesh or leather for a luxurious impression.

With this type you can adjust the use of the watch only by changing the strap. For example, adjusting for casual, semi-formal, or informal events.

  • Petite SKUs: Petite Unitone, Petite Emerald, Petite Amber, Petite Melrose, Petite Evergold, Petite Sterling, Petite Ashfield.
  • Classic SKUs: Classic ST Mawes, Classic Sheffield, Classic Bristol, Classic Durham, Classic York, Classic Bayswater, Classic Cornwall, Classic Roselyn, Classic Dover, Classic Oxford, Classic Glasgow, Classic Canterbury, Classic Cambridge, Classic Warwick, Classic Southampton.

2. Alexandre Christie

Top 5 Fashionable Men's Watch Brands for 2022

The next best men’s watch brand is Alexandre Christie.

Luxury Design & Branded: Has a luxury and branded impression. Even though it is one of the branded watches, Alexandre Christie has a more pocket-friendly price compared to other imported watch brands.

Apart from having a friendlier price, the durability and quality of Alexandre Christie also deserves thumbs up.

Based on the author’s experience, Alexandre Christie watches can last more than 10 years.

Dynamic & Masculine: Men’s watches from this brand are known for their dynamic and masculine designs. In addition, the design always gives an exclusive and manly impression for male users.

Best Performance: Apart from design, this watch is also superior in terms of performance. Using a high-quality machine makes this watch durable, guaranteed to be used for a long time.

Warranty: Apart from that, buying Alexandre Christie watches, especially at official counters, is always accompanied by a guarantee of up to 10 years.

If there is damage, watch owners can come to the counter for free repair according to the warranty stated.

3. Rolex

Top 5 Fashionable Men's Watch Brands for 2022

Speaking of the best men’s watch brands, the Rolex brand is certainly not to be missed to be mentioned. You could even say Rolex is the most popular fashion watch brand among men.

Prestige: Using this one watch brand can show the prestige and high taste of a man. It’s no wonder that many choose this watch brand.

Rolex carries the concept of a prestigious watch with a dynamic yet elegant design. Every Rolex watch is guaranteed to be extremely precise. It has the principle of perfect blend of style and functionality.

Features: Rolex equips its watches with the latest features. Starting from the resistance of the material, to water resistant technology.

Not only water resistant, some Rolex watch series such as the SUBMARINER can be submerged to a depth of hundreds of meters.

4. Fossil


Top 5 Fashionable Men's Watch Brands for 2022

Fossil focuses its design to support the character of the wearer.

Design: This design also supports the wearer not to be afraid to show his true character. For this reason, Fossil provides a wide variety of materials and series for its watch products.

Starting from leather watches for a classic and elegant character, stainless steel watches for a masculine and strong look.

Technology: Then a watch with Hybrid technology that combines the appearance of a smartwatch and a classic leather watch. Even smartwatches for dynamic modern men.

This support is also complemented by other fashion products issued by Fossil such as bags and men’s clothing. This allows men to find a style that suits their character and dare to be themselves. No wonder this brand is the best men’s watch brand.

5. Casio

Top 5 Fashionable Men's Watch Brands for 2022

Casio is the easiest watch brand to find the wearer, especially in Indonesia.

Varied Designs: This is because Casio provides a wide range of designs.

Ranging from classic designs, modern, to for children. For the best men’s watch brand itself, Casio presents designs ranging from a classic look to a leather watch belt and manual timepiece. Up to a modern and up-to-date look with a digital watch equipped with a plastic belt in various colors.

The Casio brand is known for its good quality and watches that tend to be light. This makes this one watch very suitable for everyday use.

Suitable for Children to Adults: Various designs from Casio can be adapted to the wearer. From adult men to children, you can use Casio watches.

Especially when compared to other high end watch brands. Casio can provide good quality at a relatively affordable price.


Those are some of the best men’s watch brands to choose from. The choice of various watches above can become a new identity and character marker for those of you who use it.

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