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Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

cheap mobile legend diamond top up


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Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends – Diamonds are needed so that Mobile Legends players can buy items, such as weapons and skins. However, how to get or top up this Mobile Legends diamond? Basically, there are a number of ways you can get diamonds in Mobile Legends. Apart from relying on luck from claiming the redeem code, you can also get it by making a purchase on Google Play. There, payments can be made with a GoPay balance.
However, if you don’t have a Gopay balance, you can also buy diamonds with credit. In addition, you can also top up through the marketplace, such as Shopee and Tokopedia.

Recommended Places to Buy the Official and Cheapest Diamond Mobile Legend

Currently, there are many online shops, e-commerce, and special sites that provide official diamond top up services.

They’ve already cooperated with Moonton’s side, so there’s no need to doubt about its safety. Here’s the place where you can buy diamonds for Mobile Legends officially!

   1. Mobile Legends Store

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

Surely you know that in the Mobile Legends game there is a store. In the shop you can buy various items including diamonds.

The price is often more expensive than other sites. But there’s no need to doubt about its security, because it’s official from MLBB.

There are several choices of payment methods that you can use in this store. Starting from credit cards, credit cards, and also Google Play Vouchers.

The price of ML diamonds in the in-game store is indeed not too much of a choice, but you can get additional diamond bonuses. You can see the complete ML diamond price list below:

Jumlah Diamond Harga Bonus
11 IDR. 3,000
50 IDR. 15,000 5 diamond
250 IDR. 75,000 25 diamond
500 IDR. 149,000 65 diamond
1000 IDR. 299,000 155 diamond
1500 IDR. 439,000 265 diamond
2500 IDR. 739,000 475 diamond
5000 IDR. 1,499,000 1000 diamond

   2. Codashop

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

This one site is devoted to top up services of various kinds of vouchers. One of them is to buy diamond Mobile Legend. Massive promos are often given by Codashop, so you can buy diamonds at low prices.

The payment methods also vary from credit to various operators, e-wallets, bank transfers, and via minimarket cashiers. Prices start from IDR. 1,500 to IDR. 1.2 million. Cheap right?

You can see the complete ML diamond price list on Codashop below. The price of ML diamonds can be different depending on the payment method you choose.

Jumlah Diamond Harga
3 IDR 1,500
5 IDR 1,425 – 1,500
12 IDR 3,235 – 5,000
19 IDR 5,255 – 5,500
28 IDR 7,600 – 10,000
44 IDR 11,400 – 12,000
59 IDR 15,200 – 20,000
85 IDR 21,850 – 30,000
170 IDR 43,700 – 60,000
240 IDR 61,750 – 68,250
296 IDR 76,000 – 100,000
408 IDR 104,500 – 115,500
568 IDR 142,500 – 157,500
875 IDR 218,500 – 300,000
2010 IDR 475,000 – 525,000
4030 IDR 1,140,000 – 1,260,000



   3. Tokopedia

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

Tokopedia’s green e-commerce also provides diamond top up services which are quite cheap. You can buy from 3,000 to 1.2 million rupiah. Not infrequently this store also provides attractive promos.

You can choose the payment method from bank transfer, OVO, minimarket, ATM, credit card, even through the post office. The following is a list of ML diamond prices sold by Tokopedia:

Jumlah Diamond Harga
10 IDR 3,000
14 IDR 4,000
18 IDR 5,000
36 IDR 10,000
74 IDR 20,000
222 IDR 60,000
227 IDR 75,000
370 IDR 100,000
966 IDR 250,000
2010 IDR 500,000
4804 IDR 1,200,000



   4. Shopee

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

Besides Tokopedia, another e-commerce site that provides diamond top up services is Shopee. Both Tokopedia and Shopee, both can be accessed via a browser or an application on a cellphone. So it makes it easier for potential buyers.

The price range at Shopee is also the same as Tokopedia, starting from IDR 3,000 to IDR 1.2 million. The payment method is also very complete, just choose according to your convenience. Shopee also often gives promos, you know. So check it often!

Here is the list of ML diamond prices on Shopee:

Jumlah Diamond Harga
11 IDR 3,000
14 IDR 4,000
19 IDR 5,000
36 IDR 10,000
74 IDR 20,000
220 IDR 60,000
366 IDR 100,000
Starlight Member IDR 149,000
Twilight Pass IDR 150,000
Season Pass IDR 150,000



   5. UniPin

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

the tagline is “Game Online Voucher”, you can buy diamond Mobile Legend on UniPin slur. One of the advantages that other sites don’t have is that you can buy diamonds in large quantities.

The highest number on UniPin is 6050 diamonds, which are sold for IDR.1.5 million. Payment methods can be via digital wallets, minimarket cashiers, online/SMS banking, and credit cards.

The following is a list of ML diamond prices on UniPin:

Jumlah Diamond Harga
3 IDR 1,500
12 IDR 3,500 – 5,000
28 IDR 8,000 – 10,000
36 IDR 10,000
59 IDR 16,000 – 20,000
74 IDR 20,000
85 IDR 23,000 – 30,000
170 IDR 46,000 – 60,000
185 IDR 50,000
222 IDR 60,000
296 IDR 80,000
370 IDR 100,000
568 IDR 150,000
875 IDR 230,000 – 300,000
1159 IDR 300,000
2010 IDR 500,000
4830 IDR 1,200,000
6050 IDR 1,500,000



Be careful in choosing e-commerce for top up, don’t use illegal services because it can endanger your own mobile legend account

Hopefully this article can help gamers!

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