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Redwolf Recovery – what is this ?

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Redwolf Recovery is an alternative custom recovery from TWRP, because basically Redwolf takes it from the TWRP source. So don’t be surprised if the interface is similar to TWRP, it’s just that the features have been improved.

Redwolf Recovery

For now, redwolf recovery only supports 4 types of xiaomi namely Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 3S/Prime/3X and Xiaomi Mi 6. You can check on the official website.

What about other xiaomi? There is indeed a redwolf recovery for others, it’s just that it’s not official or unofficial. Because until now only 4 devices earlier.

So what are the advantages of redwolf recovery?.

Here are the advantages of redwolf recovery

  1. Looks cooler than TWRP
  2. There is a flashlight feature
  3. Custom themes
  4. Disable stock recovery
  5. Can screenshot by pressing simultaneously volume up and power
  6. support more languages
  7. Has a direct DM-Verity disable feature. Because usually when using TWRP it is provided separately. This is very necessary because if it is not disabled it will cause a bootloop.

The following is an example display of redwolf recovery


How?. Interested in trying redwolf recovery?.

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