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Windows 11 Features You Must Know


Windows 11 Features You Must Know – Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system does bring many improvements and feature updates. No wonder this operating system is highly anticipated by PC users.

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

However, from the many features that it brings, it turns out that there are quite a few hidden features of Windows 11. This feature is not or even unknown to Windows 11 users. There are at least 11 hidden features of Windows 11. What are you curious about? Check out his review as follows.

11 Hidden Features in Windows 11

1. Multitasking Features

One of the excellent features of Windows 11 is Snap Layouts. This feature allows users to open multiple application windows at the same time. Well, Snap Layouts is supported by hidden multi-tasking features, namely Alt+Tab and Windows Shake Title bar.


Windows 11 Features You Must Know

Alt+Tab if enabled can allow users to also display tabs in browsers that are open in Microsoft Edge. Meanwhile, the Title bar window shake can allow users to shrink the windows of several applications at once and open one selected window.

For example, you are multitasking open 5 applications. Select an application window that you want to open. Then click and shake the mouse then four other application windows will automatically shrink. Both of these features can found in the System in the Multitasking section.

2. Individual volume settings for each application on the desktop

Windows 11 now allows users to adjust the volume of each application that is open on the desktop. For example, suppose you open the Chrome Browser and Media Player apps at the same time. Now, the two applications can now set the sound output individually.


Windows 11 Features You Must Know

To access this feature open Settings, select System, then select Sound and click on Volume Mixer. After that, you can find the volume slider for the application that is currently open on the desktop.

3. Opsi Windows Backup

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

In the Windows 11 Settings menu, you can now find the Windows Backup option. This feature can be found in Settings > System > Storage > Advance Storage Settings > Backup options. The point is that you can directly sync folders to the One Drive cloud storage space.

4. Permission to access applications running in the background

Windows 11 now allows you to choose any application running in the background that requires permission. These permissions include location access, camera, voice activation, microphone, contacts, calendar, and more.

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

This feature can be found in Settings > Privacy & Security and scroll down until you find App Permissions.

5. Clipboard History Features

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

The clipboard in Windows 11 has now added Emoji, GIF, Kaomoji, Symbols, and many more functions. To access it you can go to Settings > System > Clipboard. When you open notepad, you can access the Clipboard by pressing the Windows hotkey + V.

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6. Better safety system

The presence of Windows 11, whether we realize it or not, has brought improvements to the security system, including protection with the TPM system. Several security features in Windows 11 such as sign-in options, device security, integrated security tools, data encryption, tracking features for opened applications and much more. All of this is present to improve the experience of using Windows 11 more secure.

7. Estimated system update time

The Windows operating system does get updates quite often. Well, this time in Windows 11 Microsoft presents the system update time estimation feature. With this feature, users can now immediately know how long the system update will take.

8. Device usage

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

Device usage is a feature of Windows 11 that is quite interesting. This feature allows the Windows 11 operating system to prepare and provide Windows 11 setup tips according to the usage scenario. You can choose for Gaming, Family, Creativity, Business, or Entertainment scenarios. This feature can be accessed in Settings > Personalization > Data Usage.

9. Clock App with Focus Mode

Windows 11 Features You Must Know

The clock app in Windows 11 now comes with Focus Mode. This mode is useful for allowing users to stay focused on their work, monitor PC usage time, and rest time. This feature is useful for measuring and increasing productivity for those of you who are workaholics.

10. Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 11 allows developers to run on the GNU/Linux platform and explore Linux OS. WSL can found in the Microsoft Store.

11. Can run Android operating system

One feature that is quite interesting from Windows 11 is the ability to run Android applications. Unfortunately, this feature has not rolled out in general to the public and is still in the testing phase in the Windows Insider preview build.


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