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Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices

How To Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash


You must be wondering why the title is How to Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash. For what type of Xiaomi?. Yes, indeed I made a title like that because basically the way to flash a xiaomi cellphone is the same from the initial type to the latest xiaomi type, the difference is very small.

For how to flash xiaomi starting from xiaomi first type redmi 1s, redmi 2/prime, xiaomi redmi 3/pro/prime. redmi note 1,2,3,4, xiaomi redmi note 4, 4x, xiaomi redmi 4a, 4 prime, and other xiaomi the same really.

What do you need to flash for? Usually the xiaomi is flash because it has problems such as bootloop or if you buy it with a distributor warranty. You will often get distributor roms or fake roms, very few use official roms. There are so many disadvantages if you still stick with distributor/fake roms. Just read the characteristics of all xiaomi roms to know the shortcomings.

How To Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash

  1. Of course download MiFlash
  2. Download MiPCSuite then install (by installing Mi PC Suite, the xiaomi driver will also be installed on the pc automatically)
  3. Download Fastboot Rom according to your xiaomi type. (Try the downloaded file has a .tgz extension, if it still has a .tar extension, change / rename it to .tgz) then extract the file
  4. Turn off your xiaomi and then enter fastboot mode by pressing Power + Volume Down simultaneously until the mi bunny logo appears
    Fash xiaomi


    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
  5. Connect your xiaomi with data cable to PC

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  1. Open the MiFlash application that was install earlier
  2. If it has been opened, select Browse >> then navigate to the extracted ROM folder that has been downloaded
    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
  3. Press refresh until COMxxxx appears in the devices section (xxx can change according to the type of xiaomi cellphone)
    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
  4. Press Flash
    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
  5. Wait for it to finish, usually there is a message The Operation Complet Successfully or Flash Done. or success
    Xiaomi Flash With Miflash all devices
  6. Unplug the data cable and turn on the xiaomi. (but most types of xiaomi now automatically after the flash process is complete will reboot by itself). After rebooting it usually takes about 5-15 minutes
  7. Finish

That’s how to flash all xiaomi with mi flash. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below 🙂

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