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Xiaomi Solution Not Detected By Computer


Xiaomi Solution Not Detected By Computer. – Have you ever wanted to do the flash process, your xiaomi was not read on the computer?. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled. Problems like this not only on xiaomi phones but on all brands of cellphones. How come?. Its because android driver not installed on your computer.

Xiaomi Solution Not Detected

Actually, I have discussed this solution with the title how-to-solve-xiaomi-missmatching-image-and-device-error/, you can read the article first.

You can download and install Mi PC Suite. ( Read in earlier article )

And if you have installed Mi PC Suite but still can’t read? How to just install the android driver manually.

Xiaomi Solution Not Detected

  1. First download the driver
  2. Move to an easily accessible place, if I’m on the desktop and extract the folder
  3. Go to explorer and right click on Computer and select Device Manager.
  4. Select Device Manager
  5. Click on your computer name
  6. After it, click Action select Add Legacy Hardware
  7. Click Instal The Hardware that i manually select from the list.
  8. Have disk and choose the driver you extracted .
  9. End next. Wait and Finish

Xiaomi Solution Not Detected By Computer

Or you can see the image below.

Xiaomi Solution Not Detected

How?. Very easy right?. If there are problems, please comment

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