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Xiaomi Update Failed [Can’t Verify Update]

Xiaomi Rom Update Failed [Can't Verify Update]


Xiaomi Update Failed [Can’t Verify Update] – For those of you who got the MIUI8 update. 5.4.0 or directly miui 9 based on Android NOUGAT which has failed to update and here I will give you a solution about failing to update the xiaomi rom (can’t verify the update / can’t verify

Xiaomi Update Failed [Can't Verify Update]
Xiaomi Update Failed [Can’t Verify Update]

Maybe it can help a little. On xiaomi itself for all versions of xiaomi cellphones, especially xiaomi with stable roms (china official and global official) and xiaomi with developer roms, updates can usually be done via OTA (On the air) which can be processed through the default updater application xiaomi easily.

When updating via OTA, usually the updater application will download the update file first to 100%. After the download is complete, the xiaomi updater application will automatically carry out the update process. The update process usually takes quite a while, therefore for the update to run smoothly make sure the cellphone charged enough and connected to the internet. Although updating miui xiaomi is actually very practical and easy.

Xiaomi Update Failed [Can't Verify Update]

Unfortunately, in some cases, there are many who have failed the update process, Xiaomi can’t update even though the update file has been download completely 100%.

The most common cases of failed updates on xiaomi cellphones is the appearance of the error message “Can’t verify update” so that the update is not processed, the message appears even though the update is done via OTA.

Xiaomi update failed

The cause of the failed update (can’t verify update) There is no specific explanation why the update failed even though the update was done via OTA via the default xiaomi updater application. but the possibility of failure to update is as follows:

1. The internet network you are using to update is unstable, make sure to use wifi.

2. The update file is corrupt or damaged. This can happen if the internet network you are using is unstable.

3. There are modifications to the xiaomi system. Make sure you never make modifications to the xiaomi system, for example deleting system files, changing fonts and other modifications.

4. If the update via OTA is not available, it’s possible that your xiami cellphone is using a distributor rom. Only xiaomi phones that can update via ota are xiaomi phones with stable roms and also rom developers. To find out your rom is a distributor rom, you should read xiaomi rom features

To provide a solution to the problem of failing to update, unable to verify the update, so in this article I will try to provide a simple solution to overcome it, you can try it, hopefully it will work. The solution failed to update the xiaomi rom (can’t verify update / can’t verify update)

How to fix failed updates

1. Please try to update again. Make sure the cellphone is connect to wifi.

2. Make sure the updater settings are correct. Open the updatert update > select the three-dot menu in the upper right corner > select settings / settings, make sure the check via wifi menu option is active and the automatic update / automatic update menu is off or off.

3. Make sure the wifi internet network is stable.

4. Please download the update and process the update as usual.

And if it still fails, you can download the latest update file to update by updating miui without a PC. If it still fails, it also means you have to flash xiaomi with miflash 🙂

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